Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why the U.S. should always believe and trust Israel

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WE the People should always believe whatever Israel says, especially in regards to the events surrounding 9/11.

Don't you think people are being a bit too hard on Israel and her involvement in 9/11? They wouldn't attack us and blame that on some Muzzies, would they?

Our Israeli buddies would never lie to us, right?

Heck, just because there is ample proof of the Israeli intelligence agency, MOSSAD, in the murder of JFK, who Israel viewed as a threat to it's survival because Kennedy demanded regular inspections of the Israeli nuclear weapons complex at Dimona and that JFK was adamant in saying that Israel would not get the bomb, that shouldn't raise any flags, should it?

(And don't pay any attention to the stories about Oliver Stone's movie, "JFK," that say the financial backer of that film, Arnon Milchan, is an undercover operative for the Israeli government--read; MOSSAD-and an international arms dealer--including nukes-- who's chummy with current Israeli prez Shimon Peres, Haganah member and former IDF Chief Moshe Dayan and Haganah and British intelligence member, ex-Israeli prez Chaim Herzog

Stone's movie made no mention of Israel's complicity in JFK's murder, so Stone must be telling the gospel truth, huh?)

I mean just because Israel lied for several decades about the savage and unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty , with the truth coming out with the advent of the Internet, I mean just because they were caught in a massive number of lies about the Liberty attack, means we should believe them about 9/11, right?

Ohh, and all those lies about that Israeli spy, Pollard. Highly classified intelligence that Israel turned around and sold to our #1 enemy back then, the USSR, who used that info to kill a bunch of our agents and compromise out ability to protect ourselves in the event of a nuclear war.

Stuff happens, right?

Uhh, and those lies that those ZioCons passed on to the US leading up to the first Gulf War, just a booboo, right?

And Israel's plan to assassinate former President George H. Bush at the 1991 Madrid Peace conference was just Israel's way of saying "We Really Love You!"

Umm, and all of those lies about Iraq having WMD's and by golly, we better "smite" Saddam now, before he gets too frisky, that bamboozled the US into launching the second Gulf War. Just some innocent fibs, generated by the likes of Israeli-Firsters Paul Wolfowitz, Dougls Feith, William Luti, Scooter Libby and Abram Shulsky.

BTW where is our good buddy, Shulsky, these days?

Currently, Abram Shulsky is heading the Pentagon's Iranian Directorate, where he no doubt is doing his bestest to protect America, right?

After all, just because he's a strong advocate of the political philosophy of Leo Strauss, who said that perpetual deception of the citizens by those in power is critical, doesn't mean that Shulsky would lie and deceive Americans to benefit Israel, does it?

BTW, Shulsky's specialty is Soviet disinformation techniques.

Other "Straussians" are William Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, Stephen Cambone and Gary Schmitt. You might recognize Schmitt as the executive director of the Ziocon "Project for the New American Century Project," the document that said Americans would be reluctant to get more involved in Israel's wars in the Middle East, absent another "Pearl Harbor" type of event.


See, that's how friends take care of friends, by lies, deceptions, false-flags, murders and assassinations, just to let their friend in that "special relationship" know we really, really, really care about them.

Ahhh, I'm getting all misty eyed just thinking about our Kosher buds


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