Saturday, September 27, 2008

Your Mr. Potato Head and the Potato Free Truth.

Les Visible

Saturday, September 27

I’ve watched half the debate by now and one thing is very clear, neither candidate seems to have the ability to tell the truth in a direct fashion. Neither candidate is willing to address the actual conditions that have led to the conditions in which America finds itself today. Neither candidate is willing to confront the real enemy of the nation and the world. Neither candidate is doing much more than jockeying for position in order to look like the new and improved potato chips that everybody wants; apparently more than they want to hear the truth. The truth as usual is unpopular. The truth is a genital itch at an awards dinner. The truth lies beaten, bleeding and alone; mugged and gang-raped in an alley and soon to be imprisoned for causing this assault on itself.

Sure… the culture of greed can get mentioned. Sure… various points about culpability can be brought forth and superficially examined like a gonorrhea smear on a glass slide by people who don’t get the implications and think you catch it from a toilet seat. Sure, both candidates can pose like mechanical toys in an arcade gambling game. They can look like what they’re selling but far be it from either of them to be made out of real potatoes when real potatoes don’t have that sweet tongue corruption that we have come to enjoy as so much better than the real thing.

Compare what is patently true to what is presented as true. There is NO Al Qaeda. The only Al Qaeda that there is, is a joint CIA/Mossad construction that is composed of Israeli, American and British operatives dressed up in Arab suits with an armory stocked with radio controlled Manchurian candidates who aren’t that much different than the candidates talking to me right now. The main difference would be that they’re not strapped with explosive vests. They are merely strapped with the ignorance that allows for the continuation of the process by which the vests continue to explode. Here’s the only Al Qaeda cell ever uncovered so far. Neither candidate, so far, has said we need a new investigation into 9/11. Exposing 9/11 would expose everything that has followed but… they don’t want to do that because… the unwelcome truth undermines all of the posturing about excuses and solutions that are nothing but obfuscations of what really happened and what really is.

Yeah… Obama looks Lincolnesque and he’s articulate… but he’s still not made from real potatoes. McCain is a hack with some really nasty things in his closet. He’s a hypocrite and a liar and he’s more of the same sleazy whoring for power, profit and position that you’ve had all along. Obama might well have some integrity lying in an upstairs bedroom where masked men are pressing a pillow down over its face but… he’s bought and paid for and he’s publically and privately sucking up to the very entities and agencies that have brought you to where you are today.

I look at the candidates. I look at Jim Leher. I can’t see the audience but I know what they look like… in the auditorium and in their living rooms. The candidates want to be at the reins of the state. The audience wants their piece of the action and a few people want the truth. Most everyone else wants their hopes realized without having to include the truth into the equation. Most of the people want their crackling sausage but they don’t want to know how it gets made. Most people want that good synthetic potato taste at the expense of the vitamins and nutrition and they don’t want to know what the physical cost may be. They all want comprehensive health care but they don’t want to live and behave in the ways necessary to avoid all of the growing number of health concerns that are caused by avoiding the reality of their avoidance of the truth.

Good luck people. Good luck feeling your way in the darkness because of the inconvenience of what turning on the light will show you. Good luck approaching your problems while refusing to shine a light on them so that you can see what they are. Good luck with having your potato chips and eating them too. And make sure you don’t eat those nasty skins where all the nutrients are. This is why big trouble is coming. When you refuse to face the truth, eventually the truth is going to be in your face.

It reminds me a lot of the way London was a few hundred years ago. People used to dump their body wastes through a hole into the floor into their basements. They used to throw them out of their windows into the street. They used to refuse to bathe and covered up their stench with perfumes. It hasn’t changed. And what was the result of that process of hygiene management?

Until you look at exactly why things are the way they are you can’t fix them. Why do those responsible for these conditions refuse to discuss the actual causes? Why do the people being ruined by these things refuse to see for themselves what is causing them? Because they want their fake potato chips that taste better than the real thing. They want the unreal life that appears more attractive than the real life. The truth is… you can change your diet to anything and in about ten days your taste buds will also change. I’d ask you to think about that but… good luck.

People have an investment in the unreal. People buy billions of lottery tickets for the good life that’s right around the corner. People want to go to Las Vegas where the odds will always be stacked against them but hope springs eternal at the bullshit buffet.

Look in awe my friends at these seemingly intelligent people who think- who believe- who tell you and themselves that by some mysterious and magical process that you can fool the integrity of numbers and come up with a result that the numbers don’t provide; that you can mix the wrong chemicals and get what you desire as opposed to what the chemicals actually do. Look at the people who believe that telling lies will result in the truth. How do you like those potatoes?

Now you’ve got a large army unit deployed on your home soil in defiance of Posse Comitatus which had a bad accident a little while ago. You’ve got all sorts of strange things going on but it’s going to be okay. It’s going to be okay… just go back to sleep and dream about those potato chips… those barbecued Buffalo Chips…

When a person suppresses things in their sub-conscious… eventually what is being suppressed finds its way to the surface through the weakest link in the chain. Once it finds its way to the surface it acts out in an unpredictable and often dangerous fashion. When you hide the truth from yourself it is, sooner or later, going to rise up in force and slap you silly. It’s going to embarrass you with your lack of control over your own behavior and all because you preferred fake potato chips to the real thing. The irony is that real potatoes really do taste better than fake potatoes. But the fake taste bangs away on the five tastes centers the way caffeine keeps firing the adrenals and you burn out your starter. You wouldn’t need all that expensive health care if you took care of your health in the first place. You wouldn’t be at the mercy of lies if you embraced the truth to begin with.

It’s a powerful illusion isn’t it? How can you help not believing these men who can command such television attention; who have such an appearance of power, who can talk in front of large audiences and play with the economies and militaries of a powerful nation? But the truth is that it’s all bullshit. Kudos to those who can see through this. There’s hope for you. For the rest of you… sooner or later… the truth is going to come to your door. You’re not going to like it when it does. Your potato chips are suddenly going to taste like what they are really made of instead of what they are pretending to be.

Oh Kenny Boy

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  1. Can someone put me straight.As an ignorant Englander, living under two party Zionist occupation in England,[very similar to the US],can someone please tell me how this cockroach Paulson, moves from CEO at Sacks of Goldman,where he had negotiated a `pay no tax ' deal, then become boss of the US Treasury.
    Then he drafts up a golden parachute deal for his `chosen' cronies on Hedge Fund Avenue, Wall street.
    Then he goes down on one knee and asks the US tax payers to foot the yippee bill after the Wall street party is over.
    Isn`t there a convenient lampost for this guy?