Sunday, October 5, 2008

All that's missing are the uniforms!

by W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

It's like being in a theater with a raging fire in the basement, but practically everyone is so hypnotized (drugged?) by the movie that by the time they realize the building is on fire, it's already too late and they go up in smoke with the rugs.

THAT'S America. That is a nearly an exact description of the collective mind set of most citizens.

Hey, the monsters are already here and they are systematically KILLING us to the point of genocide. In the words of a philosopher, "The Dreadful has already happened."

The Bush/Republican money cow oil wars aren't only making elites fabulously richer, they are also (again, very intentionally) killing off our children in the process. I wonder how much "blood money" the elites make off the genocidal massacre of our sons and daughters. Blood for oil. I wonder what's the oil cash value for one of our daughters or sons. I also wonder how much of that blood money filters back to "creatures" like Paris Hilton.

But back to the movie theater. What does one have to do to wake people up that where we are now as a country has NOTHING to do with candyass politics or dufus religious escapism? No, the building REALLY IS on fire and that means we are squarely in the midst of an honest to God WAR.

Look, war is when one group of people systematically murders (often "in the name of God" -- ugh!) and robs another people, and however much we may hate to get into touch with reality about this, that is EXACTLY what has been and is happening in America for the at least the last eight years.

How can we be so blind? All the fascists had to do was "take off the uniforms". Gee, how can we look at people in suits like you would look at an army of evil barbarians?

Well, duh, that doesn't speak very well for us, does it, that we could be so easily fooled. In reality, this "suit army" is much more efficient and deadly than the "old fashioned" black booted ones.

Look at the destruction of our health care. Too bad if you or your children have a deadly disease. No heath care, no doctors, and no doctors, no life. In other words this is a VERY efficient form of secret genocide.

More? Easy. Look at the nearly total trashing of food testing. Hey, poison meat is EVERYWHERE, and eating uninspected poisonous food is another slick form of genocide.

And please note the word genocide, because that's what the Republican elites are doing to all of us (not Paris Hilton of course or members of the Bush family), and bloody hell, when one group of Americans is KILLING at least thousands of other Americans (secretly, of course -- no uniforms!), then that means we are in a war in many ways just as deadly as Viet Nam or your 20th Century war of choice.

More evidence? How about the now TOTALLY unregulated pharmaceutical giants? It's hard to take it in that they can (and are) making whatever suits them and calling it "medicine". We should never forget the lesson of Africa when ENFORCED vaccinations led to a continent-sized outbreak of aids. Makes you think, doesn't it? It should also remind us of New Orleans, which only dogs and cats don't know was the conscious murder a city (too many blacks and liberals) by president pinhead and the VERY racist elites.

More indirectly still (although cancerously effective) is the systemic destruction of American education. Hey, the more we are "dis-educated" into human cattle, is the more we can be pushed around with cattle prods into hamburger-heaven-slaughter-houses (symbolic and otherwise)!

The last of MANY more examples of elite genocide of America's working class (that's probably best way to say it) is the virtual imprisonment of what used to be America's "scientific community". Time for killer realism. The ONLY POSSIBILITY of environmental salvation from the rape and murder of Mother Nature by the Republicans during these last horrifying eight years is a totally liberated international community of scientists. But with virtually zero funding for medical research or thousands of other scientific projects, plus the steady dumbing down of ALL of America's universities (our scores in math, for example are criminally low when compared to other countries), American science is becoming moot. One disastrous symptom of this is the reverse of highly qualified minds coming TO America, instead of now being leached FROM America. Why would they stay? To be manipulated by retarded religious fanatics, whose collective IQ is probably around 85.

So, even though there aren't any marching black boots or concentration camps (although the evidence is overwhelming that they are being constructed as we speak!), tens and hundreds of thousands of people are being deliberately and systematically murdered and the recent "bail out" is a proof that the vampire elites are determined to get every last drop of blood out of the middle and lower classes (while they’re still functioning blood banks).

And if this doesn't add up to a raging fire in the basement, dear God, what does? The more we wake up from the multiple elite strategies to drug, hypnotize, and brainwash us, is the more we "come to our senses" and realize that America is now totally ruled by the God of War.

Politics, at best, is treating symptoms of this war, and the traitorous 2004 dem congress did nothing but throw gasoline on what was already a forest fire-sized war. The loathsome Nancy Pelosi's will be remembered like the French remembered their filthy collaborators.

Religion, of all types, not just the fanatics, is a pathetic escape from this war. Their prettified alternative realities are much loved by the elites as one of the more effective thumb sucking drugs.

May I suggest that the ultimate challenge now in America is to "stop watching political/religious movies" and directly confront the brutal and heart breaking truth that America is now totally under the heel of the God of War.

ps: The elites, fascists, and pugs know all of this already. After all, they are the one's making fools and corpses out of all the rest of us, plus they are merely a hairbreadth away from turning what is already an American Dictatorship of the Rich into a consummated fascist Police State (and yes, fully equipped with brand new concentration camps).

They ALSO know the only thing that can stop them is if enough Americans stop being "carried away" by the moronic political/religious movie and start smelling the smoke from the raging fire in the basement. In short, if and when a critical mass of us finally realize we are FIGHTING FOR OUR LIVES and the very existence of human beings on this planet.


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