Thursday, October 2, 2008


A Solemn Silence Artist: CatherineE
Damian Lataan

In America it took ten years before the economy got going again after the last Great Depression started on 29 October 1929. No one knows how long it would have gone on for had the Second World War not started.

This time it seems as though things are the other way around; we go to war first spending billions of taxpayers money on weapons and invasions, then we spend even more billions on pretending to patch up the stuff that got broken as a result of the invasions and then we wonder why there’s no money left to carry the cost of it all.

The wars have made the ultra rich even richer and, since there is only x amount of money around, that can only mean the poor got poorer but the banks were quite happy to create and perpetuate the illusion that credit was good because it gave everyone what they wanted even if they couldn’t afford it. We were even told that these were the sort of ‘values’ that the kiddies from the West were dying for in the Middle East and Central Asia. Meanwhile the kiddies in the Middle East and Central Asia who were being killed by the kiddies from the West just knew that the kiddies from the West were only in the Middle East and Central Asia in order to enrich the already ultra rich in the West. Now, however, the pigeons have come home to roost. Not only have the ‘values’ that the kiddies from the West have been fighting for been shown to be false but the monetary value of the real reasons why the kiddies from the West are dying for has also had its backside pulled from underneath itself.

Let’s hope that the answer to this potential disaster doesn’t involve even more war. Do we really want the kiddies of our planet to wipe each other out just so that the very rich can remain very rich?

The first decade of the twenty-first century isn’t even over yet and already we’re repeating the mistakes that the lunatics in the twentieth century made.

Will we ever learn?


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