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The Bankster Wars

October 22, 2008

The Hedonistic Pleasureseeker


I sensed that the money was going to be used for something other than what Paulson and Bernake originally said it was going to be used for. What the Money Magicians at the Federal Reserve and the Treasury were likely to do instead: Fight those OTHER cabals of (European) central banksters (Banker + Gangster = Bankster) for the right to define the collectivist international banking system.

As some of you may know, there are splits in the bankster ranks. That’s what happens when you get a bunch of marauding egos in a room, let alone a mess of pathocratic plutocrat wannabes! Anyway,I had the feeling the Treasury was going to perform triage by helping a few of the healthier banks become Basel II compliant, so at least THEY could do business with the international banking community, leaving the rest of the U.S. banking world either in shambles, or if functioning, strictly domestic. AND THEN, the Treasury would do . . . something . . . to ward off the Rothschild Repo Man. It’s all above my pay grade of course. Whatever the Master Plan, it is still unconstitutional: Spending OUR money ANY way than what is allowed for in the U.S. Constitution is just WRONG. It still pisses me off.

However, this is War. A bankster War. Banksters put themselves above the Law.

I’ve posted about this topic several times before; just click on my “Synthetic Armageddon” category. Economic collapses are deliberately engineered on high, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man style. Central bankers know how the fiat money Ponzi scheme works, they know the destructive force of inflation, and they know what makes complex societies unravel.Ah, those Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan and Warburg banksters; they do SO know how to clean house every few hundred years. Their grandpappies literally wrote the books on it!

Most people do not know that our country is smack dab in the middle of an aggressive attack by the International Bankster Class, the membership of which are busy “reeling in the Big One” with this latest, biggest fiat money Ponzi scheme of all: The Death of the U.S. Federal Reserve Note. America is in receivership. We’re defaulting on our debts because our money system is BASED upon debt (credit=debt) and every Ponzi scheme has a mathematical limit after which it MUST collapse.

Here’s a recap! The Rothschild Central Bankster formula is to:

a. Flood a targeted economy with credit, “monetizing” it until the economy can no longer afford to make the minimum payments on the loans;

b. Start making demands of the victim country, and punish it with hyperinflation and/or “socialist revolution” if the government balks (including legal and illegal counterfeiting. See Chile, Argentina, and Zimbabwe for historical references);

c. If that does not achieve the necessary capitulations, suddenly shut the credit window and play Repo Man;

d. Buy what remains at fire sale prices; and finally

e. Play Big Mack Daddy, wave a lot of money around, and dictate the terms of recovery to a desperate, angry mob.

(Kneel, Cash and Carry? Bizzare photo credit: Vlogging the Apocalypse)

We’re in the middle of Part B of this latest, Biggest Scam Ever: The Enronized collapse of the whole goddamn world. As you can plainly see we’re nowhere near the bottom of this crisis. I know it seems ghastly but we’ve only just begun. This scary reality cannot be lost on our Congress, so either they are fighting this war the only way they are allowed. One way or another there WILL be a crash unlike any other. There will be Globalism and an New Financial World Order. The question remains: What will the New Monetary Order LOOK like? Ah, the devil in the details.

Meanwhile, enter Neel Kashkari the Bailout Czar. Why yes, he IS a rocket scientist, 35 years old and only six years out of graduate school. The tinfoil hatters are having a FIELD DAY over this man, having dug up his NASA work history and followed the yellow brick road back to Area 51. Don’t make me link to them. What do YOU think?

SO. in light of recent developments, what is REALLY going on with this bazillion dollar bailout? Is this a relatively simple plan to nationalize a few healthy banks (via direct Treasury investment), so that they may amass sufficient $$ reserves to meet the Basel II requirements and fight off the International Repo Men? OR, is this a deep cover operation, and if so, is the operation to save America or sink it faster? ORRRRR . . . is this just an expensive delaying tactic to get us past the elections and into the Summer of Hell 2009 when the shit REALLY hits the fan? Who does Neel Kashkari really serve? What is really going on? Will we ever really know?

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