Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bush, Cheney, Greenspan and All Wall Street Executives Should Stand Trial for Crimes Against Humanity.
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Jefferson Corner

Perhaps it is time for national and international criminal and legal experts to revisit the definition of “crimes against humanity” and include among those crimes, economic crimes that had more lasting impact on its victims than those who are murdered.

True, George Bush and Dick Cheney are criminals and murderers and should be held for trial for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed and murdered in Iraq in addition to those thousands of American soldiers killed and or injured in their war on Iraq. However the financial meltdown here in the US is the world as direct result of the incompetent, reckless and criminal economic and financial policies of the Bush and his Republican Party should rise and meet the standards of “Crimes Against Humanity”.

The victims of Bush-Cheney economic policies of “Robbery Capitalism” and their hand off policies of allowing the greedy criminal executives of Wall Street to run free without the thought of being responsible to any one, not shareholders, not partners, not the board, not the nation and certainly not citizens and consumers are all over the world.

Bush and Wall Street are solely responsible for the economic and financial meltdown around the world. Hundreds of millions of people lost every thing due to and as a consequence of such reckless and criminal policies. Governments around the world had to intervene using hundreds of billions of dollars to shore up their financial systems. Country like Iceland is on the verge of bankruptcy as a direct result of what happened on Wall Street. The Brazilian Bourse lost over $500 Billions in one day.

Hundreds of millions of people around the world are on the verge of starvations as a direct result of the criminal and incompetent policies of George Bush. I am sure that what Bush/Cheney team was and is most interested in is their own personal interest, interested in promoting “Robbery Capitalism” so that they and their friend can directly benefits from such policies. Their Neo-Cons ideologies are directly responsible for this financial and economic meltdown.

They simply sat on their brains (they have none) and decided to allow Wall Street to take care of its own and entrusted these crooks without self regulations. Republicans wanted the government to have NO role in supervision or regulating the financial sectors. Of course they got more than one billions of donations to political Washington. Of course the greedy crooks took home more than $ 5 billions in annual bonuses and compensation.

Bush, Cheney, Greenspan and all key executives of Wall Street should be arrested and put on trial for crimes against humanity. What they did far exceeds the crimes of all of the criminal dictators that stood before international tribunals for crimes against humanity. They and they alone are responsible for the misery, the unemployment, for the loss of all of the saving, the hunger and for the depression around the world.



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