Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bush / Clinton suspicious death list

Why do our Congress and Administration officials not follow the will of the people and the constitution?

Besides the usual bribes and payoffs, there is the continuing blackmail and threats to those not smart enough to keep their deepest secrets and actions to themselves. Spying on Americans definitively includes all of Congress and their staff, administration officials and judges. Israel leads the way in holding anything that may be compromising over their heads. Intelligence services are also a big part of the equation.

As I have often said before, government officials are scared for their lives.

Death by assassination, plane crashes, car wrecks, 'suicides', 'natural causes' and don't forget anthrax. These looming threats are a deciding factor in the silent conspiracy holding our government for ransom.

Play the game as you are told or face the possibility of death.

The lists of names on this page are just a few of the people who got in the way and had to be 'taken care of'....all very fascinating and tragic.

Alphabetic Index 200+ names
Bush / Clinton suspicious death list

Source of the above list and much more: NewsFollowUp

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