Friday, October 3, 2008

Criminals in Congress Again Give the Finger to the People

Bailout passes. We have no voice.

There are few in Congress that actually represent us. They serve their money masters.

Did you really expect different?

The illusion that if we speak out our elected representatives will listen and follow suit is dead.

In this world where the criminals win, what are our alternatives?

Vote out the traitors? There's always a treasonous bastard waiting to take their place in the rigged false two party system.

Many Americans will be angry at first and then fade into the background as the yokes of slavery and indentured servitude grow heavy. At least this is what our 'leaders' are hoping.

In the weeks to come, leading up the election, there will be many voices suggesting how to take back our country. These voices won't come from Washington but from those patriot Americans of many stripes who actually care.

What is our next step?

It's getting late.
Laughing at our expense.


  1. It is truly hard to stomach looking at these three criminals. Bush has to be one of the most disgusting "humans" in history. Ben Shalom and the other bankster/gangster snickering over the final nail in the coffin of the rubes - - putting their grandchildren in hock to pay for the zionist bankers profits that looked to be down a bit for the quarter - - no need for them to worry. All praise Israel . . . and a finger to the Goyim, less than animals as they say in the Talmud, they get what they deserve from their masters.

  2. Well, It's been a year since your Muslim messiah took over and how do you like it so far? Millions of jobs gone, millions on unemployment, we are now 4 times deeper in debt than we were with the previous administration and now they want to enslave us under their healthcare system.

    Admit it, Bush really isn't look so bad now, is he? Wait till Obama's healthcare kickes in and your taxes jump by 50-75%, then let's hear you whine about Bush. It's coming, get ready to have your ass reamed by the best. Obama is your man, live with it.

  3. No, Bush and his bunch are still the same criminals who will never be redeemed. They set the stage for 'the messiah' to continue destroying America. You've missed the point if you think this blog is about promoting Obama.