Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gun, ammo sales increase as election nears


Las Vegas

Several gun stores in the valley have seen an increase in firearm and ammunition sales lately. News 3's Dan Ball explains why the election and the economic crisis have people pulling the trigger.

Jeffrey Bergman and his sister came to the Gun Store on Tropicana to practice their aim.

"We've had things like break-ins in the neighborhood," says Jeffrey. "We're concerned about the increase in crime in the area and protecting ourselves."

Gun Store employees like Randy Formanek say they are seeing more and more folks like Jeff come into the store.

"They see a necessity to arm themselves so that they can defend themselves," explains Randy. "You're going to see more and more people without jobs, more and more economic desperation. When people get desperate, they do stupid things, and you need to prepare yourself for the eventuality of that."

Besides self-protection, gun experts and gun users at the Gun Store say they are also concerned about what the next President may do about gun control.

"Some people are coming in due to the election coming up - kind of to hedge their bets, or get what they want before it may be banned," says Randy. "The concern is that the price of guns and ammo are going to skyrocket with any kind of ban in the future."

Predicting a crime is impossible, and whether or not stricter gun regulations are on the way is still unknown.

But Jeffrey says for now, he plans to continue to exercise his right to keep and bear arms.

"I'd rather be prepared and not have it happen, than not be prepared and have it happen."

The experts at the Gun Store recommend that anyone purchasing a gun take a safety course before using it.

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