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Herman Simm and the Estonia Catastrophe - Christopher Bollyn

Written by Christopher Bollyn
Wednesday, 08 October 2008

The Zionist-controlled media controls the public through deception, as their handling of the current financial crisis, 9/11, and the aggression in the Middle East clearly reveals. Their media outlets, which are the biggest, avoid any discussion of Israeli or Zionist involvement in the economic crisis or the "crimocracy" that controls the U.S. government.

The following article about the Estonia sinking of 1994 is an excellent example of how Israeli crimes are ignored (and Zionist criminals are protected) by the media - even when hundreds of innocent European lives are lost as a result.

M/S Estonia took 852 lives when she sank.
and a truckload of plutonium - bound for Israel,
with the knowledge and connivance of
Swedish and Estonian officials at the highest levels.

As Maurice Greenberg's A.I.G. receives another $37 billion bail-out from the Federal Reserve, it should be remembered that one of his private planes, a Gulfstream 4, was apparently involved in the kidnapping of about a half dozen members of the Estonia crew who survived the sinking.

Capt. Avo Piht survived the sinking
but was kidnapped from the hospital,
along with 10 other crewmembers.

One of the survivors was the ship's captain - Avo Piht, in whose cabin was found the pilot's case belonging to the Russian Jew and weapons smuggler Aleksandr Voronin, who was escorting the high-value military contraband and plutonium -- bound for Israel!

Some of the 852 innocent victims. To protect the guilty involved
in the smuggling of stolen Russian weapons and plutonium,
the governments of Sweden and Estonia have concealed
the truth behind the sinking of M/S Estonia for 14 years.

* * * * *

Herman Simm, accused of spying,
oversaw the removal of documents from the wreck of Estonia
concerning the military contraband being smuggled when it sank.

On September 22, the Baltic nation of Estonia was shocked to learn that Herman Simm, the former head of security at the Estonian Defense Ministry, had been arrested on suspicion of spying. Simm's wife, Heete Simm, a lawyer at Estonia's National Police Board, was also arrested, suspected of being involved in espionage with her husband.

Mrs. Simm is a lawyer and may have been the controller.
(Graphic: Eesti Ekspress)

Simm led the security department until November 2006. The department organized security of the state's secrets. As an authorized representative of state security, Simm represented Estonia at the European Union and NATO and participated in designing information defense systems for both organizations. Formerly, Simm had been the sheriff of Harjumaa, the administrative district that includes the capital city of Tallinn.

Estonian authorities have not identified the country the couple were providing information to, but Estonian media and local experts were quick to point fingers at Russia, although the evidence suggests Simm may have been working for the United States and/or Israel.

Five days after the Simm spy scandal story broke, Jutta Rabe, a German journalist, publicly revealed the connections between Simm and the cover-up of the evidence about the weapons smuggling that is thought to be behind the 1994 sinking of Estonia , a Swedish and Estonian joint-venture ferry that operated between Stockholm and Tallinn.

Estonia, a civilian ferry, was used to transport military contraband -
with the approval of the Swedish state, led by Carl Bildt. More than 1,000
people are thought to have died when it sank after midnight on September 28, 1994.

The ferry was known to be involved in carrying high-value military technology from Russia to Sweden at the time it sank. During the previous weeks, contraband military shipments had been transported on the ferry and taken to Arlanda airport where they had been flown to a third country with the knowledge and support of the Swedish state. The third country is thought to have been Israel. (See: "Mysterious Middle Eastern Connection with Weapons Smuggling on Estonia")

Rabe, a former television journalist with Der Spiegel, has spent much of the past 14 years investigating the Estonia catastrophe of September 28, 1994, in which at least 852 people died. (Some 175 smuggled Kurds are thought to have died in one of the trucks on the car deck).

Rabe, one of the first journalists to cover the story, organized an investigative dive to the wreck, and later wrote a best-selling book and movie about the sinking.

Jutta Rabe (right) and F. Gregg Bemis
led a dive operation to the wreck.

Rabe, speaking at an event at the Estonian National Library in Tallinn on September 27, the eve of the 14th anniversary of the sinking, told the audience of relatives and news reporters that Simm had been on the "dive platform" during the first official dive to the wreck after being "exchanged" at the last minute for another person.

Oddly, this explosive information about Simm's involvement in the official "investigation" of the Estonia wreck was not reported by the Estonian media that covered the event. (It was, however, reported in a Finnish newspaper article from Turku, where many Estonia survivors were taken for treatment.)

Rabe's revelations about Simm and the official dive to the wreck of Estonia was reported in the Finnish newspaper, Turun Sanomat, from the port city of Turku, although they were completely ignored in the Estonian media.

Anders Bjorkman, a naval architect, has proven that the official version of what happened during the sinking of Estonia is false. The Estonian state media, however, generally ignores raising any questions about the catastrophe. The government-owned television channel, ETV, for example, completely avoided even mentioning the Estonia on the 14th anniversary of the sinking which affected a very large segment of the populations of both Estonia and Sweden.

Why would the Estonian media completely ignore such a huge story connecting its worst maritime disaster with its biggest spy scandal? Perhaps because the evidence indicates that Simm was working for a foreign state that the media would prefer not to discuss.

The evidence and common sense suggest that Simm was not working for Russia in 1994, but for another foreign intelligence when he participated in the dive operation for evidence to the wreck in December of that year. Considering the information that we know about the weapons smuggling that was being carried out on the Estonia, the most likely candidates would be the United States and Israel, or both.

At the time of the dive, Simm was the highest officer of the Estonian secret police, Rabe said, and had requested that divers go to the cabin of Captain Avo Piht and search for the pilot's case belonging to a certain Aleksandr Voronin. Voronin is suspected of being involved in shipping hi-tech military contraband from Russia to Israel.

As I wrote in an earlier article about the weapons smuggling on Estonia:

[I] reported that divers hired by the Swedish government to survey the vessel spent hours searching cabins on Deck 6 of Estonia for a black [pilot's] case carried by a Russian weapons dealer named Aleksandr Voronin.

The divers worked for Rockwater, a subsidiary of Brown & Root Energy Services (BRES). Each diver had signed a lifetime agreement obliging them to remain silent about what they did on the wreck some 200 feet below the surface. BRES is a subsidiary of Halliburton.

Estonia researcher Jutta Rabe said that Rockwater was not the lowest bidder, but got the job from Johan Franson, head of the Swedish Maritime Administration. "Secrecy," Rabe said, "was of paramount importance."

I have copies of the diving logs, which show that the sought-after case was finally found in Cabin 6230, the cabin usually reserved for VIP guests or the relief captain [Avo Piht], who was also on board.

Upon finding the case on Dec. 4, 1994, the diver asks his supervisor J. Barwick, "It says Aleksandr Voronin. Is this what we're looking for?"

Voronin is an Ashkenazic Jewish surname coming from the village of Voronino in the Bobruysk area of Byelorussia, according to A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire by Alexander Beider. The root "voron" means crow or raven.

Aleksandr, a member of the Voronin "business dynasty" from Kohtla-Jaerve on the Estonia-Russia border, owned a company in Tallinn called Kosmos Association while his relative, Valeri, had a branch company in Moscow which did business with the Kurchatov Institute, Russia's famous space technology and nuclear research center. Both Voronin companies were established to sell specimens of Russia's modern space and weapons technology.

Aleksandr Voronin was traveling on Estonia with Vassili, his 15-year-old son, and his father-in-law, Vassili Kruchkov. After being rescued, they told the press they were on a business trip to Denmark. Asked why they had not taken a plane, Aleksandr said he was worried that "high winds" could have delayed the plane.

When Aleksandr's wife, Larissa, heard about the sinking, she lit 33 Jewish ceremonial candles she had bought in Jerusalem on a trip to Israel. "I knew that these should only be lit in a dire or special occasion and that you should only burn them a little each time," she said. "I burned them to the end."

Fortunately, the three members of the Voronin family survived the sinking, but Aleksandr is said to have died of a heart attack at age 45, in 2002, two weeks after the Sued-Deutsche Zeitung, a leading German newspaper, published details of his weapons and space technology business in connection to the Estonia catastrophe.

The sought-after pilot's case belonging to Voronin was clearly recovered during the dive, which was carried out with Swedish and Finnish authorities, but it disappeared and was never seen again, according to Rabe. It is highly unlikely that Swedish and Finnish intelligence officers would have co-operated in a cover-up of evidence to protect Russian state interests. So who were they protecting?

Oddly, the Estonian media has completely avoided discussing Rabe's revelations about Simm's connection to the first official dive to the wreck of Estonia.

But who was Simm spying for, if he was indeed an agent in the employ of a foreign state? Although the Baltic media points fingers as Russia, it should be remembered that the Russian state of 1994 was completely different that the Russia of 2008. In 1994, Russia was dominated by the Zionist "oligarchs". These oligarchs are Israeli citizens and worked with other Zionist criminals to plunder and loot Russia and Eastern Europe after the fall of the Soviet Union. The Zionist oligarchs exerted a great deal of influence and control over then Russian president Boris Yeltsin.

In the same way, the U.S. administration of President Bill Clinton was very much dominated and controlled by Zionist advisors like the Israeli Rahm Emanuel, who dominated the Clinton White House. Emanuel, the son of an Irgun terrorist, was the person who is reported to have "single-handedly" pushed NAFTA through. He now controls the agenda of the Democratic Party and has a great deal of influence over the party's presidential candidate, Barack Obama.

The Zionists also had a great deal of influence over the first independent Estonian government headed by Mart Laar (1991-94). Laar, for example, was one of the three people involved in Estonia's first purchase of weapons – a very bad $50 million deal with Israel. It later became evident that Israel had sold Estonia very poor quality weapons they had captured in Lebanon, most of which did not even function in cold temperatures. Estonia was compelled to sue Israel as a result of the fiasco. Laar was also involved in financial scandals concerning transfers of Russian rubles to Chechnya.

Simm, it appears, was a key agent of Laar, who, in turn, was a big friend of Israel. This is a key point, because the evidence indicates that the Russian military contraband being carried on Estonia was bound for Israel.

Andrus Öövel, a former Estonian defense minister, said: "As far as I can recall, Herman Simm was advanced rapidly to his high position during Mart Laar's first government."

It is highly unlikely that highest-level Swedish and Finnish intelligence authorities would allow an Estonian to take command of the dive bridge and confiscate evidence on behalf of Russia. The question is whether the truth about Simm's spying will ever be told.

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