Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Howling in Nashville: Triumph Of Moronic Evil

October 8, 2008

Diary Entry by Mark Sashine

In the music city they never heard werewolves before. It was quite a howling at that second debate.


Hope dies hard. But it dies. I walk every evening and pass two dogs: one big, one small. The big one barks and swings. The small one imitates the big one. I then go turn on my TV and see two werevolves in Nashville doing the same thing: The big bastard swings and the young one squeals,' Everything you can do I can do better..'. Moronic evil fills the screen and covers the group of morons who seem to represent the public.

Oh, questions. 'If Iran attacks Israel will you respond or wait for the UN?' Wow! As if Obama or McCain are running for the King. How about Congress? Don't we have Congress to proclaim wars? And hey, why only Israel? How about Albania, our staunch supporter? If, say Greece attacks Albania (just for the fun of it) Obama will destroy Athens, right? And how about the opposite? What if Israel attacks someone ( like they recently did with Lebanon), then we what? Obama and/or McShit will then go to UN and block any other country from the rightful interference? And the morons in thar room and in the whole courntry are OK? What a crock of shit?

Hey, Russia is engaged in evil thingies? Obama says that, that professor of Constitutional Law. So now we know, America is a source of GOOOOOOOD and RRRRRussia is engaged in evil thingies. And McCrock, he says 'Maybe' like some kind of a high school girl before her first sex experience. And those are our leaders? Our future hopefulls? Oh, My God! they are like 3rd graders! Little brats howling that some big guy 'rich from petrodollars' took away their sandbox. Oh, BTW, Russia is rich now? It is what, under Putin? Actually the President of Russia is D. Medvedev, but that McDrunk, he does not know what he is talking about. And since when a leader who made his country rich suddenly becomes an evil KKKGGGGBBB. I guess if you look into MCCain's eyes you will see nothing. There is nothing there except for moronic evil.

Howling, boy. I had to put on the earpuffs. 'We will killl...' whoever. There he stands, Barack Obama, a neat academic and howls. There he stands, John McCain, a senator and he howls even louder. AND NO ONE gives a damn.

As usual, there were some real signals. McCain is pissed at the defense contractors (what, they did not bribe him well enough?) and Obama seems to have some idea fix about 'more engagement of our youth in the military'. Hello! They not only howl; they want you to sacrifice! They got used to that idea that they can want something. Of course, with those morons who sat there there is no wonder. They fit Bill Maher's definition like a glove ' Too dumb to be governed'. That's us, folks. We are too dumb to be governed.

You know, folks, I would not be surprised if McCain marries Palin and then they will invite Obama to live with them in some kind of a coven. Howling needs company.

I pity Obama's girls. I wonder how do their father explain to them those ' I will kill...' and 'Russia is engaged in evil...' statements. McCain I don't care. He is lost. But in case of Obama the transformation is right in front of us and when the fur appears where it was a clean skin you really lose your hopes.


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