Monday, October 6, 2008

I am a Sheep - I will vote Democrat or Republican

Popsicles and Grenades

October 5, 2008 by jorge

Lie, iie candidate say you any truth?

Lie, lie candidate say you any truth? No man, no man don't tell...

“Every election season America is presented with a series of false choices. Should we launch preemptive wars against this country or that one? Should every American neighborhood live under this policy or that one? Should a third of our income be taken away by an income tax or a national sales tax?”(Ron Paul) Do you see the problem with this? Are we to assume that these are our only options? So we should have a third of our income taken away! There is no option to take less money away. The debate is centered around who gets our money and we are left scratching our heads.

“And so every four years we are treated to the same tired, predictable routine: two candidates with few disagreements on fundamentals pretend that they represent dramatically different philosophies of government… But conservatives (and liberals) are told that they must support these candidates, and so they do, hoping for the best and nothing changes.” (Ron Paul)

The 2008 Town Hall Presidential Debate at Belmont University’s Curb Event Center is Tuesday, October 7th at 8pm. We will be protesting the two party media bias and the sheep that it produces. I have designed and printed t-shirts and bought masks that symbolize the public at large who blindly follow whoever the media propaganda machine tells them to trust without even using common sense. The media is so relentless that the public is fooled into believing that these politicians will fulfill everyone’s hopes and desires. The event will be filmed and so if you are interested just show up around 6pm or send me a message from the contact link.

Our mission is to open the publics eyes to the tragedy that is the current political system in America. We will resist tyranny through education. Truth is American. Let us not continue to be led astray by the powerful few who are concerned only for themselves, but remove our masks of ignorance and march together toward unity.


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