Thursday, October 30, 2008

Joe Bageant discusses the election and poor whites

Joe Bageant

The American News Project traveled to Winchester, Virginia to get Joe Bageant on video, talking about his book Deer Hunting with Jesus, the upcoming election, corporate control of damn near everything, and why poor people without medical insurance are opposed to expanded access to health care. On its web site introduction, the American News Project described Joe's book as "one of the most prescient pieces of analysis about American politics and culture in this election year."

The seven-minute video closes with 20 seconds of Joe picking his mandolin and singing.

-- Ken Smith

EDITORS’ NOTE: JOE BAGEANT was one of the earliest contributing writers to join and support Cyrano’s Journal Online, and since that day he has become not only a valued colleague and comrade in our work toward a better educated citizenry, but a personal friend in the truest sense of the word. His piercing intellect, unwavering loyalty to the idea of authentic democracy, genuine modesty, and intimate knowledge of a hard to understand (and often maligned) sector of American society makes him a person to listen to for anyone seriously devoted to the notion of real change in America. His success and increasing recognition in many venues thanks to the masterful Deer Hunting is something more than well deserved. It’s one of those rare cases of justice delayed but not denied. —PG


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