Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Never Choose Evil

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by Edgar J. Steele
October 6, 2008

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."
--- Plato

I have a confession to make: I rather like Barack Obama. I know, I know ... I have an image to maintain, and all that, but it is a fact.

Never mind that my public image largely is undeserved and thrust upon me by America's politically-correct ruling cabal. Never mind that my fervent opposition to affirmative action and the other perks of minority status is based upon a desire for true equality for all people. But, put all that aside for a moment and reason along with me.

Maybe I'm Just Bushed

Perhaps it is just the cumulative effect of eight years of George Bush. After all, I watched Bill Clinton hold forth at length on a talk show the other night and was hard pressed to remember just why I disliked him so much.

Not in Clinton's wildest dreams could he have attained the degree of control-freak lockdown, not to mention the countless senseless deaths, that hallmark Bush's reign.

On the other hand, perhaps I simply am relieved that Hillary will not be picking up where George leaves off.

McNeocon Job

Then there is John McCain, of course. God save us all if the Neocons manage to steal the upcoming election for him as they did twice for Bush. I am absolutely convinced that, given the chance, McCain will get millions of Americans killed, starting with our entire fleet and army now in the Middle East.

Is McCain the second coming of George Bush? No. If made President, I believe that history will reflect that Bush merely was the weak-sister first coming of John McCain. Scary thought, eh?

Never mind that McCain probably isn't long for this world, given his physical condition. That, of course, would leave us with Sarah Palin. Scarier thought, that.

Palin By Comparison

Palin's performance during the Vice Presidential "debate" made me very uncomfortable. She clearly is a virtuoso at contriving a folksy and likeable, down-home-yet-hard-charging persona. It is hard to make Joe Biden look vulnerable and real, but Sarah Palin did it. No contest there.

Aside from just a couple of things, I haven't been able to glean anything real about Sarah Palin because of that mask she wears. I know that she wants to widen America's invasion of the Middle-East and that she believes God wants us to kill Arabs in His name. But, frankly, that's all I need to know about her.

Obama Skates By

My major knocks on Obama are the people with whom he surrounds himself (beginning with that witch he calls wife) and the fact that he is the penultimate politician: a purely empty suit of unbridled ambition, devoid of accomplishment.

Obama's skin color is the least of it - irrelevant, in fact. As I state repeatedly in my book, Defensive Racism, skin color is the stupidest reason to stereotype or dislike other people - particularly when there are much better, eminently logical reasons available. Those who have read my book know full well what I mean. Those short-sighted enough to dismiss me out of hand, based upon an invalid assumption concerning my book's title, are beyond my reach, regardless.

While I'm on the subject, let me observe that the difference between racism in the traditional sense and what I call "defensive racism" is akin to the difference between aggressiveness and assertiveness.

Even though Obama has stated a willingness to go to war with Iran and to make incursions into Pakistan as a part of expanding the Afghani invasion, I don't get that he means either. Rather, I think he simply is pandering to America's ruling cabal and its controlled media. He is on record as promising to end our involvement in Iraq, however.

If I were awarding style points, I would have to give top marks for the manner in which Obama carries himself. He acts and sounds positively ... presidential. But, this isn't a skating competition, folks.

Between Obama and McCain, the Middle East war issue alone makes Obama the clear choice, quite aside from other, less-compelling criteria.

Never Choose Evil

Fortunately, Obama vs. McCain is not a choice I must make. Long ago, I swore never again to vote for the lesser of two evils. After all, to do otherwise consciously is to choose evil. If everybody who chose the lesser of two evils in the past had done the same, the last two Presidential elections wouldn't have been close enough for Bush's puppetmasters to have stolen them for him.

Not voting at all is to choose a lesser evil, too. Think about that for a moment and see if you don't agree. Yes, the results often are rigged; but you have no valid complaint about that unless they rob you of your vote first.

I am voting for Chuck Baldwin, candidate for President on the Constitution Party's ticket. What's more, I am voting against the incumbent, regardless of political affiliation, on each and every other position that appears on my ballot. I encourage you to do the same.

Throw them all out on November 4. Vote against every single incumbent for every single office at all levels: local, county, state and federal. Vote against both Obama and McCain. Make a statement. Make it loud. Make a difference!

New America. An idea whose time has come.


Copyright © 2008 Edgar J. Steele

Source: http://www.conspiracypenpal.com/rants/evil.htm

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