Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama Rumors of a Process to Peace?

Obama has a tendency to pander to the crowd he's with. Just look at how he has groveled to AIPAC and Israel in the past. The rumor of what "the O" said to Rashid Khalidi, "Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palestine" plus there's been "genocide against the Palestinian people by Israelis." may just have been telling him what he wants to hear. That kind of thing gets the votes and support.

On the other hand, this gives a great number of people a pause....... hope.......for change.

How else can there be peace, in not only the middle east but the world, if there is not a start and a process to ending the Israel/Palestine issue and the zionist influence and power throughout the world. Obama, in a rumor, gives a hint that he may initiate that process.

The LA Times won't release the video. If this video rumor is for real, who benefits by not showing it?

'Joe the Plumber'
comes in and gets media attention for saying that an Obama victory would be the "death of Israel". This seems like a blatant move to get the jewish and "christian zionist" voters 'aroused'.

This Obama "Israel genocide against Palestinian people" rumor and the "Plumber" "end of Israel" media coverage seems like some strange psychological/propaganda maneuvers that grab at the 'fringe' sides of the zionist/anti-zionist population.

Obama for a solution to the Middle East problem?

If the rumor of what he said is true, he's lying to someone.

I'm leaning towards Israel and their allies in 'high places' geting the nod.

"The O" knows he can't do otherwise and survive politically and/or physically.

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