Friday, October 3, 2008

One Hour and 39 Minutes To Rob This Country Blind

Posted by willyloman on October 3, 2008

by Scott Creighton

At 1:21pm the bill passed in the House thanks to the fear mongering of leaders like Pelosi, Obama, and Hoyer. Sellouts each and every one.

By 2:00pm they had printed it and were barely able to conceal their greedy glee as they signed it. It’s just a joke to them what they get away with these days. I guess this will buy her re-election and her Speaker Seat for 2 more years.

By 3:00pm they had rushed it over to the President’s office and he signed it into law, just as quick as he could, like thieves rushing to cash a stolen check before anyone is the wiser.

They are a sickening bunch, every Goddamn one of them. Check the New York Times article. I’m done for the day. This is just too sad of a day for me to believe. Who would have thought that Pelosi could stoop lower than “Impeachment is off the table”. I guess now we know why she took that position. If BushCo had been impeached a year and a half ago, none of this would have happened.

By 3:47pm the Dow is down 159 points, NASDAQ is down 30 and the S&P 500 is down nearly 15. Seems like someone knows this is just bullshit.

In the recent movie Dark Knight, the Joker’s objective was to see if he could get civic leaders and citizens to turn against each other and betray the ‘better angels of their nature”. In the movie the Joker loses.

In Congress, the Joker WINS.

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