Thursday, October 2, 2008

An Open Letter to Bart Gordon, D-TN

Dear Bart,

On Monday you voted for the bailout. You paid no attention to what the people of your district were telling you. We put you where you are. You should listen.

Now you have a chance to make amends. There appears to be another vote Friday. If you vote no, it would go a long way to your regaining some respect.

The bill as voted in the Senate is somewhat different than the first one you voted for. Over 400 pages. Have you read it, studied it? Do you agree with everything in it? It's pork filled crap. Maybe a little burning of the midnight oil is in order. Perhaps you should also read your emails and listen to what your constituents have said in their phone calls.

Bart, I have known you since we were both students at MTSU. Being a public servant is all you ever wanted to be. You told this to everyone who would listen. You achieved your goal. Are you servant of the public or just a yes man to the money, the party, the power?

You have disappointed me in the recent past. Several of my questions and requests yielded a response that "Speaker Pelosi said this or that", one specifically that "impeachment is off the table". Bart, I don't recall ever even having a chance to vote for Pelosi. Isn't she from California?
I didn't know you had to take orders from her. It just didn't seem appropriate to even mention her or her views. We are both from Tennessee the last I looked.

Mr. Gordon, you didn't stand up and fight when we went to war for lies. You knew they were lies. All of you did. Do I notice some blood stains on your hands?

For the last eight years our country has been run by a cabal of criminals. They built upon the crimes of the previous administrations and have taken greed and corruption to new levels. Our constitution has been gutted. Fear mongering is the rule. War mongering is the rule. Lies are rampant. You have stood by and done nothing to stop it.

Why have you hid in the shadows while our country burned?
Is it the money? Are you being blackmailed? Are you scared?

Whatever the reasons, you have failed the people who voted for you, who trusted you.

One last chance Bart.
Don't tell us as an 'insider' you know more than we do. That won't work anymore.

Your vote on the bailout is the turning point. We've had enough. Every day more and more of the people in your district are not falling for the lies.

It's time for you to stand up or soon you may be coming back to Murfreesboro in disgrace as just another bought and paid for politician who became what he once said he would never become.

No Bart, just say no.

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