Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Psychic Predictions for the Nashville Debate

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Dolly Danger hears voices, has visions.

Unable to get into the inner circle of the press at Nashville's Belmont University for the Presidential debate, no non-main stream blogger/reporters were allowed, Dolly decided to look into the crystal. What she saw disturbed her.

"Key words will tell the inner story" she whispered.

war, war
terrorists bad
bin Laden
Israel good
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq - surge, winning, continue
Iran bad
bailout will work

"Words not spoken will reveal where the secrets must remain hidden from the masses" she sighed.

Federal Reserve
Criminal Administration
Criminal Congress
Criminal Judiciary
bringing home all of our troops
No foreign aid for illegitimate rouge states
constitution first
America first
Lies I've Told to Become President.

We'll see how good Dolly is as a 'seer'.

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