Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Quotes Not Heard at the Debate

The imperial pretensions of our presidential candidates, for example, show no signs of abating. They're still talking about bailing out the Georgian economy (the one in the Caucasus), when people right here in this country are being foreclosed out of their homes. They don't understand the full implications of what's happening to their beloved empire, but they will soon enough.

Justin Raimondo

Law professors Jack Balkin and Sanford Levinson, both left-leaning civil libertarians, predict that "the next Democratic president will likely retain significant aspects of what the Bush administration has done"; in fact, "future presidents may find that they enjoy the discretion and lack of accountability created by Bush's unilateral gambits."

Gene Healy


One has to wonder just how soon the "Saigon Moment" will come for American and NATO troops in Afghanistan.

We never, ever had enough boots on the ground, per the US military's own protocol, to make the occupation successful. That would have been around 400,000 soldiers.

What we have done (precisely what we did in Viet Nam, from which apparently neither the country's civilian nor military leadership learned anything)has been to attack from the air, with massive bombings.

This guarantees two things, and two things only: one hell of a lot of collateral damage (as in infants, women, the elderly and medically fragile getting blown to smithereens) , and radicalizing those left standing against the puppet government we've installed.

History will remember this administration very clearly for what crimes it has committed, both at home and abroad.

The judgment of history will be very severe, both of this country's leadership, and a cowed public too frightened to stop it before the real carnage began.

Michael Rivero


Think again, pal. Most evangelical Christians have been taught to worship the Self-Chosen people and to shower them with adoration, gifts and American tax dollars to support their Zionist criminal state, which is the biggest enemy of Christianity on this planet.

Patrick Grimm


"The executive has No right, in any case, to decide the question, whether there is or is not cause for declaring war."

-James Madison


"Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations -- entangling alliances with none."

~ Thomas Jefferson


Boy oh boy, I bet those Wall Street gazillionaires were sweating like PIGS when Congress was barking up a storm that the No Banker Left Behind Act was for Main Street, not Wall Street.

Greg Bacon


"Let me issue and control a nation's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws."

-Mayer Amschel Rothschild, Rothschild Banking Dynasty


My favorite Zionist-Islamist terrorist, Adam Gadahn, is back.



I’m not out to save my own ass.

Les Visible


"But we don't have that kind of money. Nobody has that kind of money. All the money in the world wouldn't pay that bill."

Winter Patriot


US troops are back home in America to wage war upon the people of the US. New laws make public dissent of any kind --however peaceful --an act of 'terrorism'.

I believe that the 'goddamned piece of paper' --otherwise known as the Constitution of the United States --makes the use of armed forces against American citizens on American soil a matter of 'high treason' i.,e the government waging 'war' upon the people, a matter that is expressly forbidden by the "Goddamn Piece of Paper", Article III.

Len Hart


In Iraq the ‘al Qaeda’ label is merely a catchall for anyone who fights against the US occupation there. The propaganda value of the ‘al Qaeda’ label is still very powerful when it comes to perpetuating the myth of the ‘surge’ particularly, and the ‘Global War on Terrorism’ generally.

Damian Lataan


As long as the machines and scanners count the votes in half the states, the upcoming election is nothing but one big fraud.

Devvy Kidd


What I despise are LIARS, and if the Zionist controllers happen to exercise undue influence over the AmeriKn MSM, US government, and global financial institutions, well, I am going to call them on it!!!!



The house of cards has fallen down, and revealed a hole of derivatives-based debt that could not be filled, literally, by all the money in the world, much less by the mere trillions that national governments are frantically throwing at it today.

Chris Floyd


When the world’s largest news organizations toe the line with U.S. officials on highly unpopular government policies, you don’t have a press: you have a Ministry.

Detain This


I shall not be paying ONE THIN DIME in income tax for the foreseeable future, as the only meaningful form of peaceful protest against this criminal transfer of money from the innocent middle classes to the cravenly greedy super-rich. Fuck the lot of them to hell and back!



Right/Left in politics presents a false choice. The real struggle is between centralization of power into the hands of the FEW vs. decentralization of power into the hands of the MANY.

The Hedonistic Pleasureseeker


The ultimate coup was to convince the entire nation that the well being of the rich, meaning the well being of Wall Street, was indeed the common man's well being.

Joe Bageant


There is already a de facto global financial system in operation, as the United States and the governments of the various European Union states implement exactly the same policies on both sides of the Atlantic: Socialize the bad banking assets, and nationalize any good ones that remain. This amounts to a global race in which the finish line is economic oblivion.

William Grigg


These criminals are using some of the oldest tricks in the archives of criminal behavior to get exactly what they set out to achieve. And the public has swallowed this “lure,” hook, line and sinker!

Jim Kirwan


The CIA must be abolished. Our remaining moral leaders must step forward to de-fund the agency.

Peter Chamberlin


It wasn’t a “bailout”… it was a power grab.

Scott Creighton


These battles are just going to get nastier. And every president will be "illegitimate."

J.D. Tuccille


A system of capitalism presumes sound money, not fiat money manipulated by a central bank. Capitalism cherishes voluntary contracts and interest rates that are determined by savings, not credit creation by a central bank.

"Abolishing the Federal Reserve will allow Congress to reassert its constitutional authority over monetary policy…

You wanna get rid of drug crime in this country? Fine, let's just get rid of all the drug laws.

Ron Paul


If you vote for McCain or Obama, you're voting for a war criminal.

Arthur Silber


"Bipartisan usually means that a larger-than-usual deception is being carried out."

"I don't think we should be governing ourselves. What need is a king, and every now and then if the king’s not doing a good job, we kill him."

George Carlin


"This is gettin' on my noives!"
- Curly

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