Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A R-r-really Big Shew

Debate time again kids.

The final face-off at Hofstra.

Ed Sullivan would be proud.


Cult of Personality / Presidency

by jorge

Cult of Personality / Presidency Poster

The constant media coverage of the presidential candidates has created a cult of personality for Barack Obama and John McCain. These omnipotent and heroic leaders, as we are told by the mass media, will lead us to the promised land. Unfortunately for us, these torchbearers will not keep their promises.

And so, the poster titled, Cult of Presidency, is made to resemble a concert poster because the event is for entertainment purposes only. The observant among you will note that the special guests, along with Tom Brokaw, is I Exploit You Still You Love Me. The style of the poster is designed to be a tribute to Nashville’s own Hatch Show Print, one of the oldes



My President - fuhrer - is Hip!

by jorge

My President - Fuhrer is Hip!

Barack Obama is hip and the political election cycle continues full circle. Most American’s are sick and tired of their declining dollar, unending wars and disappearing civil liberties that 8 years of President Bush have given us. So once again, just like when Bill Clinton was running for office, the media has found a hip candidate in Obama. If the Democrats take over, they probably will not pass a Patriot Act, but they will impose more government under the guise of helping the common man. Of course the government will continue to start wars under the banner of peace and democracy and to save the world from terrorists.

Then four to eight years later, Americans will be sick and tired of entitlement programs and so vote Republican. The cycle has been going on my entire life and the only change that ever occurs is more government in my life, more taxes and less freedom.

The time has come for a new birth of freedom and government—and a true government of the people, by the people, for the people!



Vote For Obama or McCain - But Just Vote!

by jorge

Vote McCain - I will do anythingVote Obama - You know yo uwant me

Vote. I will do anything and everything. Come on, you know it isn’t true, but you will vote for me anyway. You are scared to wonder what would happen if “He” got elected. You know you want me. Do the right thing and give in to your weaknesses. Forget about your pride and your sound reason or judgment. Vote. I am less disgusting than he is! Who cares about the issues. Look at my make-up. No, don’t waste time looking at my voting record, my accomplishments or lack thereof. You do not have time for that. You are stupid. I do not mean that as an insult. It is true. Vote. I will do a-n-y-thing. Vote. You know you want me. Vote.


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