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Review of the Biden-Palin Debate

Truth Rocker
  • Oct. 3rd, 2008 at 12:30 AM
I watched the entire debate. I forced myself to so I could write a qualified review. I wrote down notes. Biden won (like it really matters), and in this analysis I will prove why. I must say I found most of the questions either stupid, misleading, or downright frightening. The other interesting item was the rigged focus group reaction line that CNN ran. You can read in those what you will.

Here are the five crucial points I saw:

One: Every time the EITHER CANDIDATE mentioned "Israel" the FOCUS LINE FLAT-LINED!!!

Two: (The MSM is MISSING THIS ONE! Surprised?) At 9;53 EDT, Joe Biden said "We (sic) kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon!" EXCUSE ME, Joe?!!!!!
OOOPS!!!! Hezbollah is STILL IN LEBANON!!! They LIVE THERE, Joe!!!!!! Shouldn't you know that?

Three: (pundits did notice this gaffe) Palin referred to the commander in Afghanistan as "McCl
ellan" when it is McKiernan!" OOOOPS!! Of course, when she said "McClellan," I thought: why is she bringing him into the conversation?

: The subject of RUSSIA NEVER CAME UP, did you notice that?


Round One

Sarah won this round. The domestic issues and the energy issues was fine. The fact is, the first half hour was pretty much a snoozer. So the first impressions that matter so much are that Palin is up to the job. First impressions matter, and that's what will be stuck as a narrative. So mission accomplished, Sarah. The rhetoric and repetitiveness may have been a bit much, but she disagreed with Joe in a respectable enough way. So the first half-hour was a victory for the "hockey mom." She appeared non-threatening, even in regards to the climate change issue. The MSM never delved into the religious beliefs, and as in all things they were very superficial in what they "probed." One thing I noticed about the CNN "analysts scorecard" was the partisan bias. Rollins and Rosen were the worst, while the rest moderated to a draw by the end.

(The MSM is confirming that Sarah connected with the nation)

Round Two

This is when I found the debate getting interesting. I heard the word "Israel" and I perked right up!!!! Biden starts going on about the NEXT ATTACK being PLANNED from the hills of Pakistan and Afghanistan! XXX!!!!! WRONG, Joe!!! It is being planned in WASHINGTON, D.C. and TEL AVIV!!!!! Then Palin gets her chance and immediately wheels around on Iran!!! Says they can't have nukes, and, well, Sarah, here is clue: They ARE NOT BUILDING THEM!!!! She then sucked Zionist cheek with a couple of booga-booga misquotes. Ahmadinejad insane? I don't think so!!! Iran can't even have nuclear energy? Why? She says the Castros are dangerous? Haw-haw! Of course, no one questions the anti-Muslim hate speech of the MSM! The AmeriKan MSM --which has lied about, well, EVERYTHING -- never touches 9/11 Truth.

So Gwen the moderator takes the conversation back to Israel and brings up the PALESTINIANS and the TWO-STATE SOLUTION? WOW!!!! I'm STUNNED and FLOORED!!!! NO SHIT!!!!!! And what is Sarah's position? Let's just call her TWO-STATE Sarah!!! (Blog author's jaw drops) Of course, I recognize this as rhetoric that is not serious at all. In fact, I don't even like the idea. Here is my solution to the Israel-Palestine issue: Memory Hole: Future Vision of Israel Still, I was SHOCKED that the moderator even brought the palestinians up!!! For what it is worth, Gewn Ifil gets kudos for that one.

Then there is Sarah again, warning about the "second holohoax," putting the embassy in Jerusalem (bad idea), and the Israel being a "peace-seeking nation" (puke)!!! Sorry, but FUCK THAT!!!! Then Biden made the comment above (crucial point two), started going off about IRAN on the MARCH and being in GAZA, too!! That WE MUST BACK ISRAEL!!! Well, FUCK THAT!!!! How about DOING WHAT IS BEST for the UNITED STATES of AMERICA? That IS WHAT YOU are running for, right? Vice President of the UNITED STATES? Of course, Sarah is encouraged that "we BOTH LOVE ISRAEL!!" That is when I NOTICED the FLAT-LINING of the CNN FOCUS GROUP!!!!!!

Then Ifil went a place that FRIGHTENED ME: talking about the USE of NUCLEAR WEAPONS being PUT into PLAY!! WHAAAAAAT?!!!! Just the SUGGESTION is HORRIFYING!!!!! And ONLY USrael is looking to do that!!! Prepping the future for us, Gwen? Sarah stayed with the theme and implied there was a SAFE, STABLE WAY to USE THEM as a DETERRENT?! Aaaaahhh! And if THAT is TRUE, then WHY HASSLE IRAN -- even though they are NOT building a bomb?!!!! Then sweet Sarah OBJECTED to what she claimed Obama allegedly said: that all we are doing in Afghanistan is AIR-RAIDING VILLAGES and KILLING CIVILIANS!!! Oh, Obama!! YOU KNOW!!!!!!!! But SARAH is BLIND!! Starts saying how great we are, what good we are doing for these INNOCENT PEOPLE whom we have INVADED and OCCUPIED!!!!!

Joe starts in on Afghanistan, and it is just hard for me to write about it now. The heartbreak of the entire place!!!! Those INNOCENTS NEVER DID ANYTHING TO US!!! 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB, and WHATEVER YOU THINK of "those people," they DO NOT DESERVE to be SLAUGHTERED for DEFENDING THEMSELVES!!! Please, please, STOP KILLING THEM!!!!! But no, Joe says we will get DEEPER in to AFGHANISTAN!!! Please, no, Joe, let's APOLOGIZE to them and COME HOME!!!! Now Joe wants to get into SUDAN, too!! So WHERE are you gonna get the TROOPS, Joe? A DRAFT?!! When Sarah got her turn, she did turn it on Joe with the "voted for it, then voted against it" and the blatant hypocrisy of Democrats. Sarah EVEN WATCHED the DEMOCRATIC DEBATES!

Anyhow, Biden won round two as Sarah did look out of her depth.


Round Three

Now Ifil goes on to ask about the "heartbeat away from the presidency" issue. Ugh!! First NUKE USE and NOW THIS!!! So Joe says he'd continue Obama's policies and the FOCUS GROUP WENT UP!!! Joe says END the WAR?! HUGE JUMP! Then the 9/11 blah, blah (fixed focus group still high) about a DEAD GUY and a FALSE-FLAG "terror group!" Well, we WON'T be falling for that again! The focus fuck-ups went up on Sarah's rhetoric about family, Main Street, government out of the way, the broken record is getting a bit much. Biden parried well with the walk down Main Street himself (although the focus group didn't buy it).

Then Sarah scored with the "Say it ain't so, Joe, dog gone it!" The focus group flat-lined on it, by I liked it!!! However, Sarah kept at it and mentioned her pro-teacher positions and her third-graders in Alaska getting extra-credit for watching the debate (audience laughed). Education, family, education, family, laughs, energy, get there by "workin' with ya, and up, up, up, goes the focus group lines!

Then Ifil asked about the role of the Vice President -- and something very interesting happened. When Biden brought up DICK CHENEY as the MOST DANGEROUS VICE PRESIDENT EVER, the FOCUS GROUP tracker went THROUGH the ROOF!!! And you are JUST SCRATCHING the SURFACE, Joe!!!! First indictment? The 9/11 WAR GAMES, buddy!!! Just ask Norman Mineta to testify!!!!! When Biden mentioned the DANGEROUS CONCEPT of UNITARY EXECUTIVE (translation: dictatorship), the FOCUS GROUP was way up!

When asked what weakness the candidates exhibited as a vice president, Palin pulled a Bush and couldn't find a mistake. She then blathered on about how the U.S. is a force for good, etc!! Oh, gag, wretch, puke!!! Is that what the TORTURE is for, girl? Biden's self-deprecation and tear-jerk of a family story played well with the CNN focus groupers, but when Sarah was given her turn, the repetitive rhetoric (how many times can you say "maverick" in 90 minutes anyway?) drove the focus lines down. The "change is a comin'" from "McCain the reformer" didn't take, and when Biden wound up attacking McCain in a significant repetition of "McCain is Bush," the focus group loved it!!!

Round Three Scorecard: Biden, 10-9


The final question asked by Ifil was what principle has changed for the candidates since the start of the campaign. (Snooze) Biden mentioned the Supreme Court justices (as he checked his talking points list; womens' vote, check), while Sarah babbled about budget vetoes? She again pulled a Bush with the "I can't think of a mistake I've made" reply. Asked about a change in their personal tone, Biden defended Helms (oops), while Sarah mentioned official appointments (like the brother-in-law you tried to get fired?) and said she's "walked the walk not talked the talk" with her diverse family? Say what?

As for the closing statements, Palin's attacked the media, then waxed about the future when we will be saying "remember back in the day" when we were proud to be Americans. Proud of torture and mass murder? Biden droned on about the "most important election ever," even if there really is no change! He did well appealing to middle class, and the most revealing thing of the whole night was when he asked God the Bless us all -- and mentioned how SELFISH that might be!!! Well, well, what do you know? Got a bit of a CONSCIENCE there, Joe?

What I didn't notice... but the pundits did:

Sarah winking at the camera!!!! How could I have missed that, readers?


(Pundits also noticed immigration never came up -- and NEITHER DID ABORTION (my catch)!!!!)



What Does Gov. Palin Have in Her Right Ear?

Posted by willyloman on October 3, 2008

by Scott Creighton

What was that running down into Sarah Palin’s right ear during the debate?

This photo was taken straight from CNN’s video on their breaking news website. It’s a screen-shot from their video of the debate.

There were very few moments where Palin’s right side was in view of the camera, but actually it can be seen from the straight on views as well. Here is the original screen-shot I took.

Even without zooming, you can clearly see something attached to her glasses and running into her right ear. At first I thought this might be a hearing aid of some sort, so I looked up other pictures of her to see if I could find one of her wearing a hearing aid. I couldn’t.

By all accounts, Sarah Palin surprised allot of people as she held her own in this debate. Is this why?

I have not touched up this shot at all. If anyone knows where I can find a picture of Gov. Palin wearing a hearing aid in the past, please let me know.

But this certainly looks like someone was whispering in Sarah’s ear during the debate.

Another question this brings up is why wouldn’t Biden say something about this? Is the election such a sham these days that he would sit by and say nothing?



The corpse vs. the pinup

So far, the Biden vs. Palin slugfest is coming off like ... two kids talking about how my daddy can kick your daddy's ass.

C'mon, what do the one-step-from-the-throne wannabes believe?

So far, I give a minor edge to Biden, even though he looks like an aide woke him out of a hangover and stuffed him into a suit. Palin looks too much like she memorized her lines -- badly. English isn't a second language in Alaska, is it?

Oh, and given the enthusiastic bashing of the free-market system coming from both podiums, I say the big winner is ... the underground economy.

by J.D. Tuccille

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