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Slight of Hand

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by Gilad Atzmon
Atlantic Free Press

The Greenspan Doctrine - Money Makes The World Go Round

Earlier on I raised a rather crucial question: How is it that America failed to restrain its Wolfowitzes? How is that America let its foreign policy be shaped by some ruthless Zionists? How come alleged American ‘free media’ failed to warn the American people of the enemy within?

Money is probably the answer, it indeed makes the world go round, or at least the ‘American housing market’.

Throughout the centuries, Jewish bankers bought for themselves some real reputations of backers and financers of wars [2] and even one communist revolution [3]. Though rich Jews had been happily financing wars using their assets, Alan Greenspan, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States, found a far more sophisticated way to finance the wars perpetrated by his ideological brothers Libby and Wolfowitz.

Unlike old fashioned Britain, where Tony Blair recruited Lord ‘cash-machine’ Levy to encourage his Zionist friends to donate their money by proxy to a party that was just about to a launch a criminal war, in America it was the most underprivileged classes who were set to finance the current wars.

Alan Greenspan planned to provide his president with an economy boom assuming that prosperous conditions would divert the attention from the war in Iraq. Greenspan is not exactly an amateur economist, he knew what he was doing. He knew very well that as long as Americans were doing well, buying and selling homes, his President would be able pursue implementing the ‘Wolfowitz doctrine’ destroying the ‘bad Arabs’ in the name of ‘democracy’.

Greenspan advised the American people to buy, he repeated the old mantra: ‘spending is patriotic’. He also managed to convince them that if they do not have the money to spend, that should never stop them either. They ‘would pay later’.

Without stepping too deeply into economy, it was Greenspan who prepared the monetary ground for the rise of the subprime mortgage companies. A lending market that specialises in high risk mortgages and loans.

“Innovation,” said Greenspan in April 2005, “has brought about a multitude of new products, such as subprime loans and niche credit programs for immigrants.”

One must admit that it is almost reassuring to find out that Greenspan cares so much about the new immigrants to the USA.

“Such developments,” continues Greenspan, “are representative of the market responses that have driven the financial services industry throughout the history of our country … With these advances in technology, lenders have taken advantage of credit-scoring models and other techniques for efficiently extending credit to a broader spectrum of consumers.”

Greenspan admits here that he was leading the American banking system into an ‘advanced’ experiment. Seemingly.

“Where once more-marginal applicants would simply have been denied credit, lenders are now able to quite efficiently judge the risk posed by individual applicants and to price that risk appropriately.”

Did I hear ‘Appropriately’?

“These improvements have led to rapid growth in subprime mortgage lending; indeed, today subprime mortgages account for roughly 10 percent of the number of all mortgages outstanding, up from just 1 or 2 percent in the early 1990s.”

Just as in the case of Wolfowitz, Greenspan had a plan. Very much like in the Wolfowitz’s war it even worked for a while, but disastrously, it somehow didn’t work all the way through.

As we all remember President Bush’s embarrassing declaration of victory in Iraq, we also realise that it didn’t take long for the American people to acknowledge that America would never win in this war. Similarly, Greenspan had some initial numbers to be proud of. The subprime borrowing which he pushed for was a major contributor to an increase in home ownership and the demand for housing. The overall U.S. homeownership rate increased from 64 percent in 1994 to a peak in 2004 with an all-time high of 69.2 percent. Real estate had become the leading business in America, more and more speculators invested money in the business. During 2006, 22 percent of homes purchased (1.65 million units) were for investment purposes, with an additional 14 percent (1.07 million units) purchased as vacation homes.

These figures led Americans to believe that their economy was indeed booming. And when economy is booming nobody is really interested in foreign affairs, certainly they can’t be interested in two million dead Iraqis. But then the grave reality embarked upon the very many struggling working class Americans and immigrants who suddenly failed to pay back money they didn’t have in the first place.

Due to the rise of oil prices and the rise of interest rates, millions of disadvantaged Americans fell behind. By the time they drove back to their remote, newly purchased suburban homes, there was not enough money in the kitty to pay the mortgage back. Consequently, within a very short time millions of houses had been repossessed. However far more worrying, there was no one around to sell them to and the bank took them back. The poor people of America had become poorer than ever.

It’s something like Wolfowitz’s toppled Saddam who managed to pull the American Empire with him. The poor Americans that were set by Greenspan to finance the Wolfowitz’s war have managed to crush American capitalism, as well as the American monetary and banking system. Greenspan’s policy evidently led to class genocide that left America’s financial system with a hole that stands now on one Trillion dollars, but may grow far bigger within days. [4]

Kosher Snatch or Zio Punch?

Greenspan and Wolfowitz remind me the joke about insensitive surgeon who comes out of the theatre after a 12 hours heart operation telling the anxious family ”the operation was a great success but unfortunately your beloved didn’t make it to the end.”

Greenspan’s and Wolfowitz’s doctrines looked promising on paper. The operation was very successful but as it appears, the American Empire didn’t make it to the end. It is now doomed to die. Greenspan, so he says, did it all for the ‘immigrants’ and the ‘poor’. Wolfowitz appointed Great America to be the global Policing force. Let me tell you, the pattern is familiar, these wonderful people always try to save the world. They ‘bring’ democracy to the Arabs, they ‘bring’ equality to the poor. But somehow, Israel is always set to benefit. One has to read Herzl to know that this is what political Zionism is all about: the setting of super powers to serve the Zionist cause.

Have you ever asked yourself how is it that the British Empire found itself promising the Zionists a Jewish National home in 1917? Have you ever asked yourself what Balfour received in return? [5]

Some Americans where fooled into blindly following Wolfowitz and Greenspan, many others were disastrously stupid not to stop them in time. As devastating as it may sound, Greenspan and Wolfowitz should have been restrained at the least, or even not be allowed to occupy their positions in the first place. A Zionist who declares affiliation with foreign national interests should never be appointed by any administration or any other political institution. Already in 1992 Americans should have known about the Zionist infiltrators within the hub of their strategic headquarters. Americans should have been extremely cautious after the exposure of the Jonathan Pollard espionage affair. The AIPAC spy scandal was not a great surprise either. However the exposure of Fibby Libby who leaked a CIA agent (Valerie E. Wilson aka “Valerie Plame”) details just to put pressure on her husband, Iraq war critic Joseph Wilson, should have been the last nail in the Zio-con coffin. Seemingly Americans ignored all the necessary warnings. Consequently, the Americans have many wounds to lick. In fact reading the morning papers, America is becoming nothing but a big gigantic wound, far too big to lick.

But it is not just America, Blair paid the ultimate political penalty for his involvement with Zionist Levy, his proxy donator gang and the other ‘Labour Friends of Israel’. The issue here is not at all about religious belief, ethnic origin or racial orientation. We are talking here about Zionism which is a Jewish Diaspora ideological affiliation to a foreign national expansionist precept with global interests. As much as America and Britain wouldn’t let a Chinese or German nationalist take care of their strategic planning, it should ban Zionists or those who are suspected of being ones from any proximity to their policy making.

Clearly, and this must be said, Jews are not necessarily Zionists. They can also be humanists, universalists, ordinary human beings, plumbers, musicians, shopkeepers and even shoplifters. However, the Zionists amongst the Jews are very easy to trace. They always operate politically as Jews. They run Jewish lobbies, think tanks and pressure groups. For that matter, Jewish American Committee (JAC), AIPAC, Jews For Peace and Anti Zionist Jews are all different forms of Jewish tribal national politics. They are all different forms of racially orientated tribal pressure groups and for that matter they are all rabid Zionists who are set to serve what they regard as Jewish tribal interests.

Lenin and Trotzky were Jews, they were ideologists, yet they didn’t operate primarily as Jews. Accordingly, they were not Zionists. The Bund, on the other hand, was a rabid Zionist setting in spite of the fact that it ‘formally’ opposed Zionism. It was Zionist just because it operated as a tribal political setting. It was Zionist just because it was racially orientated rather than universally motivated.

To sum it up. all Jewish tribal political operations are different forms of Zionist formulas that are set to pressure different sectors and to promote different and sometimes even conflicting Jewish interests.

Please do not misinterpret my words. Jews must be welcome to operate and engage politically, it is just the national tribal Jew that we must be vigilant of. As I said, a tribal Jew can be a musician, he can be a plumber, he can be a poet, he can be a film star or a university teacher, yet you have to make sure that he doesn’t take you into a war or even finance a war you mistakenly believe to be your own.

Interestingly enough, Michael Howard, the ex-Tory leader, though being a Jew, never had come across as a Zionist or a Jewish tribal operator. He was a proud Jew, he would even pepper his political arguments with some Yiddish family tales and the odd misery schmaltz, however, as a political leader he went beyond it all. He was an ordinary man like many other Brits. It never appeared as if he was about to sacrifice the interests of Britain to serve some foreign tribal interests. Blair, on the other hand, is not a Jew, but he consciously sacrificed the interests of Britain while being financed by Levy and his proxy tycoons. Bush did the same by implementing the mantra of his Greenspans and Wolfowitzes.

You may wonder at this stage whether I regard the credit crunch as a Zionist plot. In fact it is the opposite. It is actually a Zionist accident. The patient didn’t make it to the end. This Zionist accident is a glimpse into Political Zionism’s sinister agenda. This Zionist accident provides us with an opportunity to see that as far as misery is concerned, we are together with the Palestinians, the Iraqis and the Afghans. We share one enemy.

Furthermore, the current economic disaster endangers the security of millions of Western Jews who have really nothing to do with global economy, banking and global Zionism. It would be devastating to see innocent Jews being implicated collectively by the crimes committed by a very few tribal nationalist enthusiasts. But I do believe that as far as Jews are concerned there may be a way out of it. It is about time Jews took their emancipation seriously. Rather than celebrating their symptoms collectively and publicly, they would be better off working hard individually in searching for the meaning of universal ethical thinking in order to adopt it. Loving your neighbour and turning the other cheek is no doubt a good place to start. This is exactly what the Wolfowitzes and the Greenspans failed to do or understand and implement.

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  1. OIL! POWER! What If it wasn't ARAB - MUSLIM BIGOTS who suck us to the bones at the pump

    The Arab Muslim Control of the World

    July 2008

    A simple question, What if it was not the Arabs, not the Muslims (OPEC) that control the world's energy?

    What if the oil tycoons were of a different background, say Irish Catholic or Jewish?

    Could you imagine how they would be lynched [in the media and all tools of public opinion]?

    But it's "only" Arabs, Muslims, and they can do whatever they want, limit or extend production of oil.

    Worst is of course the immense unlimited power they enjoy in being permitted to continue "business" as usual... in the "field" of crimes against humanity... No one ever dares speaks out against the racist Arab mass-murder of the Africans in Darfur, slavery in Mauritania, or how they continuously demonize Jews, or cries out against the mainstream Muslim media that always finds the "victimhood" among 'Palestinian' thugs or 'seeing freedom fighting' in Al Qaeda in Iraq or potraying "heroes" out of the Hezbollah's criminals' lowlife acts of murder (via using Arab kids as shields) on Lebanese, all to facilitate in justifying the killing of infidels mainly Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, etc., Don't think all of the above is not related, it's still about their unlimited "freedom" to oppress everyone else... no one ever dare says, acts against the Islamo Arab GOLIATH.

    Now, you tell me who really is in control of 'world affairs'?