Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Slop Trough

Never wrestle with a pig - you get dirty and the pig likes it.
Texas political sign - 1940's

One of the kids jobs at my grandparents house, many years ago, would be slopping the hogs.
We didn't mind, it was fun. Most of the kitchen and canning wastes would be carried to the trough in buckets and dumped in. The hogs would spot us coming and gather around for meal time. Sometimes they were in for a treat, bought feed mixed with water. Now that was hog heaven.

We didn't think about it but we were the ruling elite of the pigs.

They ate when we decided it was time. Of course if they were to be fattened up for the kill, it had to be on regular basis. A hungry angry hog wasn't a pretty sight and keeping your distance behind the fence was necessary.

Today it seems as if we are the hogs.

Waiting for that bit of slop to be doled out at the masters' whim.

Just enough to keep the hunger and anger away.

Wallowing in the mud, sleeping in the trough, but never quite realizing that the next visit from the 'owners' may be the one that puts the bullet through the head.

In the lives of pigs, some things never change.

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