Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Sorry Excuse for a Debate - Again

There's no need in going into the boring details. Just think lies, lies and more lies.

McCain is a sick idiot. Obama is a slick puppet sucking up to his masters. How in the hell did we let the politicians and media manipulate us to this point?

Round and round the answers went. Substance was nowhere to be found.

Judging by the interviews with people after the debate, especially the clueless students with Charles Gibson, America is getting just what it deserves.

You're on your knees and begging America.

These two will keep you there.

Of course the bad bad dead man got a lot of attention in the debate.

McCain and Obama need a SPADE to find Bin Laden!

From: setfree68

This video by way of:

McCain got back at Obama for calling him "Tom" in the last debate.
He called him "That One".

"This goes beyond refusing to look at Obama in the first debate. With this slightly dehumanizing phrase, McCain may have just played into the emerging narrative of Obama-hate that has been sprouting at McCain-Palin rallies." see here

An entrepreneur quickly jumped on this.
Maybe he'll make some money.

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