Monday, October 20, 2008

To be hand-delivered…
The Big Squeeze - Artist: Helene Kippert

Ten Bears

on the morrow. It has long been my conviction that the Y2K Nuts had it right, they just didn’t quite get their fingers wrapped around it: The End of America. The appointment of the Bush Regime by the Military/Media/Industrial complex in collusion with a heavily weighted judiciary over the legally elected Gore administration marked the successful culmination of a seventy year long conspiracy to establish a, then “Hitler Friendly”, Fascist by Benito Mussolini’s own 1933 definition, Corporate State of America. Make no mistake, this junta may indeed be the worst presidency ever for the American People, the American Nation, but they have succeeded in everything they set out to do. They have destroyed the economy with eight years of transferring the public wealth to the private “sector” and just days ago transferring the private sector debt to the public; destroyed our ability to defend ourselves by overstretching the military with a couple of wars built on lies while at the same time establishing for the first time ever a battle brigade on American soil - the apparatus is in place to cancel, postpone, or negate this election – and destroyed whatever credibility we ever had as the leader of free nations, not to mention whatever sympathy we experienced following The Inside Job: 9/11/2001.

We are well and truly fucked.

This election is an illusion. I do not believe these people will let it stand.

Never-the-less: our ballots will be hand delivered tomorrow morning.

And m’ old deer rifle and revolver are clean and well oiled.


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