Monday, October 20, 2008

The unrepentant worship of militarism!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Nuke Sub Coming to New Hampshire

This is another reason I think AmeriKa is sunk: the unrepentant worship of militarism!

"Navy's new nuclear submarine due in

The Navy's newest nuclear submarine, the USS New Hampshire, is due to arrive at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard today, and the community is ready for a big welcome. The sub is being greeted by a grand boat parade, kicking off a week of activities to celebrate its commissioning on Saturday (AP)."

How many of YOUR TAX DOLLARS paid for this, Amurkns, and where is YOUR BAILOUT, huh?

Source: Rock the Truth


The price is currently hovering around $2.5-2.3 billion per submarine. A "Design for Affordability Program" (DFAP) is expected to reduce the price further when amortized over all submarine production blocks.

Unfortunately, DFAP, is starting from a $2.5+ billion baseline, $500+ million over the promised $2 billion per submarine. The DFAP is eliminating a gigantic cost over-run not guaranteeing a sustainable production of the Virginia-class submarine.



Having a background in supplying the sub industry, Electric Boat/Newport News/Portsmouth, I'm always amazed at the cost of these "boats" as the Navy calls them.

These are probably the most destructive instruments of war that have ever been created.

The concern is that if you have them you will use them. These subs are the 'wild card' in a nuclear war scenario.


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