Friday, October 3, 2008

Various Doomsday Warnings
art: The Ship of the Fouls by Imre Zsido

(Conspiracy Nation, 10/03/08) – A recent pattern of doomsday reports has been noticed. The trend began on September 15 when the mass mind-control media uncharacteristically united in dire “seismic shift” pronouncements. But which came first, the FEAR, or the FEAR OF FEAR?

The unusual mass mind-control media blitzkrieg of astonishing superlatives in financial pronouncements was reported at the time by Conspiracy Nation. “The Crisis has exploded, writ large in the financial press.” Some examples were, “seismic shake-up on Wall Street”, “worst credit crisis in decades”, and “tectonic plates are shifting.” This was some startling “new reality” coming from the normally staid newsfakers. (“Football Season Canceled”,

“Would somebody tell me, 'cause we've been trying to go back to the recent past, we've been trying to figure out what was the trigger for this crisis,” asked controversial Republican activist Rush Limbaugh yesterday on his show. Here is your answer, Rush: The “trigger” was the psychological attack by the mass media which began on September 15.

On September 15, 2008, we suffered a “virtual 9/11”, psychological terror inflicted by the mass media.

Since then, others have hopped aboard the “virtual terror” bandwagon. These persons are not to blame, they are just undergoing symptoms brought on by the monopoly media.

Rumors began making the rounds that October 7 was to be some sort of key date. “Web bots” had reportedly uncovered September 22-27, 2008 as precursor dates to the main turning point date of October 7, 2008. The “web bots” foresaw that “October 7, 2008 to February 19, 2008 will be filled with emotional intensity, and the length of the release period will be extraordinary.” (

A “well-known psychic” named Elizabeth Joyce reportedly weighed in. Yesterday, revealed her prediction of her instincts telling her “that, come next week, there might be 'rioting in the streets and martial law' and that President Bush will henceforth carry out his term indefinitely.” (“Psychics: Stars not aligned for Palin”, by Daniel Libit.

And the “next week” of the well-known psychic coincides with the “web bot” date of October 7!

The mysterious secret sources who know all have begun to flip out. Do not doubt the secret sources, my friend! Some person calling himself “Hawk”, himself an unknown quantity hiding behind a pseudonym, has received “A FLOOD OF INFORMATION FROM VARIOUS SOURCES.” This “Hawk” then “SOUGHT THE LORD JESUS IN PRAYER.” And you can't get a more reliable “secret source” than Jesus, can you? Secret sources (including Jesus) now claim, “THERE IS STRONG INDICATION THAT A 'BANK HOLIDAY' UNDER A DECLARATION OF AN ECONOMIC EMERGENCY MAY BE DECLARED IN THE U.S. SOMETIME WITHIN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS AND POSSIBLY AS EARLY AS SATURDAY 10/4/2008.” (“More Messages/Warnings From Hawk”,

Also having topmost connections with Jesus, the ultimate secret source, is Rev. Pat Robertson. Robertson reportedly now is saying, “we have between 75 and 120 days before the Middle East starts spinning out of control.” Stephen C. Webster writes that Robertson, “is convinced that Israel will attack Iran's nuclear energy facilities shortly after the US presidential election, triggering a series of 'dramatic events' that conclude only once 'God has rained fire on the islands of the sea and on the invading force coming against Israel.'” (“Robertson: Nuke strikes in US after the election”,

Who can blame Robertson for feeling uneasy? George W. Bush, also close to Jesus, motherlode of classified information, went on television recently to announce an imminent Armageddon! (“Bush Warns: 'UFOs Have Landed'”,

Fear-mongering has exploded, beginning with the mass media psychological terror attack of September 15. Today, not to be unfashionable, Duncan Gardham at Britain's Telegraph newspaper gets in on the act. The terror threat level “is at the 'severe end of severe' according to sources who say the level of 'chatter' among terrorist cells has increased in recent months,” reports Gardham. Notice how Gardham also relies on the mysterious secret sources who know all. (“Terror threat in UK 'approaching critical'”, Telegraph, Oct. 3, 2008)

And the Hopi Elders, thus far, have been strangely silent on the subject.

In a panic, like scurrying sheep, members of Congress have rushed to sign an ill-considered, hurry-up Bankers' Bailout Bill. “Never mind reading the 451-page behemoth! Hurry up and sign!” is the cry. It is even now being called the Armageddon Avoidance Act.

Why this onrush of FEAR and the FEAR OF FEAR at this time? Some say Bankers' Bailout, aka Armageddon Avoidance Act, is like another “Patriot Act”, rushed into being in the wake of previous 9/11 panic. Others say it is just the usual hyperbole of election season. Whatever the reason, remember the acronym for FEAR: Face Everything And Recover. This means when bullies threaten you with “end of world” you do not cower, but Face Fear and recover.

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