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Views on the Death/Assassination of Jorg Haider

Update: 10-24-08

The Sudden & Convenient Death of Joerg Haider

American Free Press

By George Kadar

Slippery are the roads of Carinthia in Austria but the politics of healthy nationalism are more difficult to negotiate. Joerg Haider was an outspoken, successful politician in Austria for decades before he took the short drive that ended his life on October 12, just after midnight.

Some question the official finding of “accident.” His unique, personable and open approach made him a successful politician in Austria who carried his Freedom Party to great success in 1999. In a sudden outburst of support his party received 30 percent of the votes, opening Haider’s way into mainstream politics and cabinet positions.

The reaction of the European Union and the U.S. was swift and radical. It was made clear that Haider and his fellow Austrians had reached the natural limits of “democracy” and the voters made a mistake. Austria was openly threatened with political and economic boycott.

Haider was forced from the helm of his own party but he remained a successful politician—the governor—in his home province of Carinthia.

Haider was a leading character in European populist, nationalist politics. He had a major role in the process that resulted in the loss of full domination of the establishment, neo-con parties in the UK, France, Hungary, Ireland, etc.

Haider kept working for the greater good of his country and in September of 2008 his new party, Alliance for the Future of Austria, received 11 percent of the votes in the parliamentary elections. At the same time the Freedom Party received 17.5 percent, giving the two of them a voice in the formation of the new government.

Josef Proell, head of the People’s Party with 25.61 percent of the votes, stated that the close cooperation of the three parties was a possibility and the creation of this bloc could be a dominant force in Austrian politics.

The reaction was swift: “We are very concerned about the increased power of people who promote hatred of foreigners and holocaust denial and support neo-Nazis,” said Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Yigal Palmor. “We consider this a disturbing development and are following the matter with great attention.”

At the same time the worldwide financial disaster was erupting. Haider, as always, clearly recognized that the Achilles heel—the most vulnerable point of the NWO is the central bank system. Sixteen days before his death, on a TV interview, he called the various central banks of the Western World a “mafia,” a criminal gang. The writing was on the wall: It was clear what was coming to the “mafia” in a government where Haider would operate from the inside.

Haider’s whole political career was bumping along from road block to road block. There were always forces hiding in the dark, trying to push him off the road. One of his own top aides, Peter Sichrovsky, a member of the Austrian Jewish community, said he had been a Mossad informant for five years until retiring from politics in 2002.

“I wanted to help Israel and certainly did not do anything wrong,” said Sichrovsky, who was secretary-general of Haider’s Freedom party and a member of the European Parliament. Austria opened an investigation, stating that Sichrovsky’s services could bring him several years in jail.

On the night of Oct. 11 while he was driving home on a wide, almost straight road his top-of-the-line VW Phaeton (Sun Chariot) momentarily left the road on the right side, nicked a concrete road marker and was steered back on the road. About 300 feet later the car left the road again, broke a road sign and was steered back, and continue on the road with no serious damage. Three hundred or 400 feet later the car left the road—a third time—at a high speed and was overturned, killing the driver.

The fact that Haider was able to bring the car back to the road a second time shows that he was an able driver at the time. Even if he was intoxicated (as many reports suggested) he must have stepped on the brakes, this is an automatic, human reflex. There was easily two times the space he needed to stop his car before it started to roll—if his brakes were working properly.

On the other hand, the car’s speed if anything increased although there were no signs of rolling or sliding on the road. The only logical conclusion seems to be that Haider was not in full control of the car he was driving.

The automobile had a top rated brake system. Peter Thul, a spokesman from VW, said they will investigate the car as soon as possible and the only way somebody could have manipulated the car’s computer was if he had possession of the key. (The car was in service less than 24 hours before the incident.)

The only witness to the accident is a woman of mystery who disappeared; nobody was able to contact her. She was driving in a separate car that was passed by Haider prior to his death.

The state apparatus stepped in and declared that the investigation of the car was finished after two days. As one a civil servant said: “The specter of thousands, or even tens of thousands, of his supporters marching on Carinthia to say farewell to him would be as unwelcome as it would be dangerous.”

At the funeral of Joerg Haider 30,000 people paid their respects in Klagenfurt. He left his two adult daughters, his wife, and his 90-year-old mother. He was told: “Rest in peace J�rg Haider, your work will be carried on by others.

The Political Career of Joerg Haider:

Outspoken Nationalist Joerg Haider (1950-2008) was a nationalist and populist Austrian politician. He was governor of Carinthia and chairman of the “Alliance for the Future of Austria” (Buendnis Zukunft Oesterreich, BZO).

Haider was a long-time leader of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPO). Although he stepped down as the FPO’s chairman in 2000, he remained its major figure until he founded the BZO in April 2005. He was subsequently expelled from the FPO by its interim leader, Hilmar Kabas.

He was controversial within Austria and abroad for his alleged “provocative praise of the Nazi era,” and the United States State Department criticized Haider for comments that “could be interpreted as xenophobic or anti-Semitic.”

Haider died in a car accident shortly after leading the BZO in the Austrian parliamentary elections. Austrian President Heinz Fischer said of Haider’s death that it was a “human tragedy.” Reactions in the press were mixed. Wolfgang Fellner, publisher of Oesterreich, wrote: “I have fought bitterly” with Joerg Haider, but “finally, Haider became a gentle, considerate, almost wise politician.” Haider “died as he lived: always full-throttle,” Fellner concluded.

But Ernst Trost pointed out in the Kronen Zeitung that Haider had “ever again . . . provoked opposition.” The chief editor of Kurier, Christoph Kotanko, wrote that “. . . Haider’s criticism of the dominant conditions of the 1980s and 1990s was partly also justified,” and he had “named, fought and in part also changed” those conditions.


George Kadar is a Hungarian national living in England. He acts as one of AFP’s European bureau chiefs. He has long been an activist for global freedom of speech and an advocate for imprisoned “thought criminals.”


Update: 10-19-08:

A couple of other articles have been added here:

The Most Mind-Bloggling Cover-Up Ever

By Trowbridge H. Ford – October 19, 2008

While cover-ups of murders, especially assassinations, are commonplace, never has such a big, quick one been arranged as in the killing of Austrian, right-wing party leader Jörg Haider. It took only a week to complete and legalize it - the same amount of time as it took to arrange a state funeral for the struck-down troublemaker. By comparison, the assassinations of leaders like JFK, MLK, RFK, Dr. David Kelly,Greater Manchester Police's Chief Constable Mike Todd et al. took months if not years to achieve the same status, and some of them don't even have it yet.

By the most reliable accounts, Haider set off home a little after midnight on Saturday morning, October 11th, after having attended a government reception, and a magazine launch at a nightclub, 'Le Caberet' where he sipped a glass of champagne, and had his photograph taken while smiling along side a scantily-dressed female performer. In taking leave of the nightclub, Haider not only said his goodbyes to assistant Alliance for the Future of Austria leader Stefan Petzner, but also got his government driver Friedrich Schager to agree to let him drive his government-provided VW Phaeton V6 - about the most powerful, electronically operated car in the business - home by himself after having left Schager off at his home.

After Haider dropped off Schager, and started going up the highway west of Klagenfurt towards Lambichel - a road Haider hated because he had had a narrow escape with death there in a 1993 accident - the vehicle continued to accelerate, apparently reaching a speed of 88mph, and became impossible to steer, moving further and further off to the right of the highway until it finally hit a concrete pillar, approximately 150 meters down the road, was flipped up into the air, and rolled over twice before ending up back on its wheels on the highway. In the process, the car lost both the doors on the left side, the lugs on the tires on this side were knocked off, its whole left side was severely smashed in, and there was a strange hole in the roof right over where Haider sat. He, though protected by air bags, and strapped into his seat, still suffered a broken neck, his left arm almost sheered off, and severe injuries to his head and chest.

A woman reported the accident, it seems, though she apparently had trouble making making contact with the rescue services. This woman said that Haider had veered off the highway after he had passed her car, though there is no evidence to support her claims, as the marks off the highway's right side showed the tire marks going straight toward the pillar without any indications of either the car's direction or speed being changed. Given the implausibility of her claims, it is hardly surprising that the Austrian police have not only not identified her but also have not had her come forward to elaborate upon her claims. She apparently is part of the problem rather than its solution.

Then the chief prosecutor, Gottfried Kranz, quickly ruled out any "foul play" or "electrical glitches", even refusing to answer a question about Haider's alcohol level in his blood. By doing so, Kranz showed that he had already determined the death to be the result of an accident - what would oblige him to withhold evidence so as not to cause undue heartbreak and embarrassment for Haider's survivors. This is part of Austria's protection of human rights. Of course, by not explaining why he was not answering the question, Kranz only fuel suspicions that Haider was DUI. There was, consequently, no need for either an autopsy or an inquest into this private tragedy.

When Petzner did not speak of Haider's alleged DUI while making his tearful, final goodbye to Haider the following day on TV - what would have certainly resulted in a great deal of self-castigation if he had thought that Haider had been drunk when he left the nightclub, and had not made sure that Haider was not allowed to drive himself home - and the media started posting stories, especially about the accident itself, Austrian authorities began spinning the story about the alcohol content in his blood, getting Petzner to agree that Haider might have been over Austria's strict .5 limit. Then Kranz apparently said that the autopsy showed that it was at 1.8, over 3 and a half times the limit - what the press, starting apparently with Der Spiegel, then attributed the finding to Petzner, though he continued to maintain that Haider was not drunk when he last saw him.

Then rumours started, claiming that Haider had visited a gay bar for all sorts, the 'Stadtkramer', before going home, though there was no mention of what happened to driver Schager in the process. While at the bar, Haider apparently just simply guzzled down Italian wine. While there was no attempt by him to pick up a gay, he was reported to be in bad enough shape when he left that another unknown person volunteered to drive him home, but Haider declined the offer.

Ultimately, posted a story, "Was Jörg Haider drinking in a gay bar before death crash," in order to keep up the pressure on there being no "foul play" in his death by alluding to his apparent "foul play" in life. There was much more uncertainly about how much he had actually drunk, as it would have taken at least his guzzling down 15 glasses in about a half hour to get up to the blood level rumoured. The gay bit was obviously intended to keep his family, the gay bar operatives, and local officials from saying anything untoward about the matter for fear of blowback about Haider's true sexuality, what the local fathers were permitting the bar to do, and what they had permitted of this nature in the past.

Then the Volkswagen people sent down an investigative team, headed by Peter Thul, to inquire into the massive failure of its most sophisticated car, both in terms of electronic gadgetry and safety features. After inspecting the crash scene and the vehicle, the VW team was at a loss to explain it, suggesting that someone in its garage possibly caused it, unlocking its electronic brain, and programming it to go full speed ahead when certain driving conditions were reached.

The VW suggestion got nowhere in the media, however, until Thul mentioned that the Haider crash recalled the Princess Diana one - what allegedly sent Britain into a rage about the comparison, thanks to a story in The Sun. Of course, it was only an understandable allusion under the circumstances. And who knows, it might be the real one as nothing much was made of a programmed car in her case: it was all the paparazzi, DUI, The Duke of Edinburgh, another missing car, MI6 agents, especially Oswald Le Winter, etc. (Remember in the sudden death of FBI Director J. Edgard Hoover, no one thought that he might have been poisoned to death by Nixon's Plumbers until the full scope of their agenda and capability, particularly inducing a heart attack by a pill the CIA had just developed through its Often program, was disclosed.)

At this point, there are just too many unidentified people in the story - i. e., the woman who reported the crash, the person who offered the drunk, it seems, Haider a ride home, and who the people are at the garage where the Phaeton was kept, and what did they do. Then there has been no follow-up about what Schager and Petzner really know, and think about the tragedy.

It seems certainly quite possible that a team of assassins - like a Mossad kidon - set up Haider for a programmed kill where he was strapped into his death vehicle while it went down the predetermined way, helped along by the car of the missing witness, as if he were a war criminal, getting his just desserts while still fully conscious.

Little wonder that the elite of Austria's current establishment made the most of it by turning up at state funeral that it had arranged for Haider since their hated opponent was truly finally dead.

If more is not investigated and explained about this still most suspicious death, it will become one of the favourites for future conspiracy theorists.

Also see: Haider May Have Been Assassinated

Candles and a photo of Joerg Haider at the site of his fatal car accident in Klagenfurt, Austria

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Reports on Haider being gay from the Mossad?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Haider on the Bank Mafia

Photo from: Austria's Haider dies in accident. See also:Austria's Haider dies in accident 2.

"Austria’s extreme right-winger Jorg Haider was urged to resign as governor of Carinthia due to photos in which he is hugging several boys during a party in a night club.

"The Tageszeitung newspaper claims that Haider has sexual relations with young men younger than 18 and that he especially likes the company of young Slovaks, as in Slovakia, the age of consent is 15." - Ultra-Conservative Jorg Haider Likes Boys Too?

"He never helped his family man image by turning up at rallies and local events with an entourage of young blond men.

"Newspapers in his homeland said they were reluctant to publish “full details” of his homosexuality fearing an outburst of hate towards the gay community would overtake hatred towards foreigners.

"According to German daily Taz, many members of Vienna's gay scene claimed he regularly had sex with young men below the age of consent - 18 for homosexuals.

"As a result Taz wrote: 'These days he prefers to meet with boys from nearby Slovakia' (where the age of consent is 15)."
- Road-death politician got drunk in a gay bar.


Joerg Haider dies in "accident"??????

We will not forget. We never forget.

According to the BBC, Joerg Haider has been killed in a road "accident" and I believe them. Or rather I believe the bit about Haider being killed. Do I believe it was an accident? No.

Do I believe that the man who exposed the British Government for lieing about the threat to our country from Iraq, Dr David Kelly committed suicide? No.

Joerg Haider
was the the former Leader of the Austrian Freedom Party until he left to become Leader of the Alliance for Austria's Future that both recently done so well in the Austrian elections.

He had constantly tried to warn the world about the true nature of the European Union and their plans to create Eurabia and eventually a New World Order.

Back in 2000, the European Union, ignoring the democratic rights of the Austrian people to elect who they wish, spat their dummy out and imposed illegal and vicious sanctions against Austria for having the temerity to vote for a nationalist party.

An intelligent and very charismatic man, Haider was tremendously popular with the Austrian people and worked tirelessly to stop Austria joining the European Union in 1995 and attempted to force a referendum on whether they should join the single currency. He failed on both issues but he continued to oppose the European Union and stated that it was a;
"declaration of war against all working and upstanding people".
I understand the grief and feelings of the Alliance for Austria's Future, Deputy leader Stefan Petzner when he said on hearing the news of his comrades death;
"For us this is the end of the world,"
For patriotic Britain's, it would be like waking up and hearing that Nick Griffin, the Leader of the British National Party was dead. Truly awful.

No I do not believe this was an "accident". I believe it was a political assassination carried out on the orders of the "elite", who are becoming increasingly concerned about the rise of patriotic parties across Western Europe.

They think by killing this one man they can frighten into silence the voices of others like him. Dream on boys dream on. One day we will bring you to justice.

To silence criticism is to silence freedom.



Jörg Haider exposed that Jewish bankers are behind economical collapse and then he suddenly died in a car accident 16 days later

Posted October 12, 2008

And here we have technical explanation how it was most likely done:

“The Boston brakes”: assassination technique developed in Bboston by the S.I.S
a technique in wich microchip transceiver’s built into cars (mostly after theft and recovery) override the steering column and braking funtions causing seemingly out of control accidents drift, powerslide, and or skid marks are all commonly found in cases involving the “Boston brakes” theory has been proven through scientific studies to be real and is believed to be the method used for the assassination of princess Diana!



Nazi Hate-Monger Bites The Dust

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Winter Patriot
The right-wing Austrian politician Jorg Haider has been killed in a car crash. Too bad.

Even though Haider was a Nazi sympathizer who was popular for his racist policies, his obituary (written by Matt Schudel) in the Washington Post tries hard to portray him as a respectable and successful figure, even while mentioning a few of his career low-lights. This tells you everything you need to know about the Washington Post.

Here's a taste:
Jörg Haider, a divisive Austrian political figure who rose to prominence as the leader of a far-right movement that was often seen as sympathetic to the country's shadowy Nazi past, died Oct. 11 in a car accident near the southern Austrian city of Klagenfurt. He was 58.

Mr. Haider was passing another car when his Volkswagen Phaeton left the road, struck a pillar and overturned. He died on the way to a hospital. There was no immediate suspicion of foul play.

The charismatic Mr. Haider single-handedly made the ultra-conservative Austrian Freedom Party a force in national politics with his fiery rhetoric against immigrants, the European Union and the euro, the EU's continent-wide currency. He led the most successful far-right party in Europe, far outpacing the political success of France's National Front.

Handsome, photogenic and perpetually tanned, Mr. Haider was known to his supporters as the "Alpine Rambo," partly for his prowess as a mountain climber and skier and partly for his confrontational style.

Mr. Haider's parents had been members of the Nazi party, and he sometimes praised aging Third Reich soldiers at their reunions. But he also mixed easily with a younger generation in nightly visits to discos to recruit new party members.

His rallies attracted throngs of young people who responded to Mr. Haider's pleas to banish immigrants and to challenge Austria's two long-reigning parties, the Social Democrats and the more conservative People's Party.

At times, Mr. Haider's followers would start singing "Tomorrow Belongs to Me," an anthem from the musical "Cabaret" that symbolized the Nazi takeover of Germany in the 1920s and 1930s.

Jörg Haider was born Jan. 26, 1950, in the Austrian town of Bad Goisern. His father had joined the Hitler Youth in 1929 and soon became a storm trooper in the Nazi armed forces. He participated in a failed takeover of the Austrian government in 1934, four years before Germany annexed Austria.

His mother was a member of the Nazi League of German Maidens.

The younger Mr. Haider was a graduate of the University of Vienna and received a law degree in 1973. As a young man, he practiced fencing with a straw dummy labeled with the name of Simon Wiesenthal, the Vienna-based hunter of Nazi war criminals.

Mr. Haider repeatedly denied that he had any links to Nazism or anti-Semitism, but in 1991 he was forced to resign as governor of Carinthia after he praised the Austrian-born Adolf Hitler's "orderly employment program." (He was reelected in 1999.)

To great applause, Mr. Haider lauded a group of Waffen SS veterans at a 1995 reunion as "decent men of character who remained faithful to their ideals."

He was a prominent defender of Kurt Waldheim in the 1980s when the Austrian president and onetime secretary general of the United Nations was exposed as a former officer in the Nazi SS.

Mr. Haider had several Jewish associates in his party, but he often mocked Austria's Jewish leaders and accused his opponents of trying to appeal to interests on the U.S. "East Coast."

Mr. Haider lived on a 38,000-acre estate that provided a generous income from inherited forestlands. An uncle had bought the property at a bargain price after its Jewish owners were forced to flee in 1938.
Haider was alone in his car when it crashed. Too bad. It would have been fine with me if a large number of like-minded politicians (and journalists) had been with him at the time.



Judicial Inc

Jorg Haider Assassinated

The Revival Of The National Socialist Party

Police Say This Is A 30 MPH Accident

His $125,000 Mercedes (actually VW) Flipped At 35 MPH

The Speed Limit Was 32 MPH (50 Kilometers)

Apparently, The Doors Blew Off

He Left The Road, Flipped, And Wound Up Back On The Road

The Trail Of Debris Was Over A Block Long

Who Was Jorge Haider?

Jörg Haider (January 26, 1950 – October 11, 2008)[1] was an Austrian politician. He was Governor of Carinthia and Chairman of the "Alliance for the Future of Austria" . He was the leader of the Austrian Freedom Party.

Basically, he was a very appealing Austrian nationalist, that was in the spotlight recently because of the resurgance of Austrians wanting to take back their government from Zionist control.

The Timing

The world's economies are imploding, and as people become angry, they look for solutions.

Hitler Came To Power In 1933

When people see their jobs disappear, their stocks and houses implode, and that is when they are ripe for a powerful leader.

How Was Haider Assassinated?

The most likely scenario, is that a team of Mossad agents chased him, and Haider fearing for his life was doing close to 80 MPH minimum. The car had been rigged and hit an embankment. Next, a sayanim/Mossad agent got out and finished him off. The speedometer was stuck at 142 km.

The Logic

You don't flip a $120,000 Mercedes three times, and get killed, doing 35 MPH.

Is Israel Worried?

They could care less. They invaded Lebanon in 1986, bombed orphanages, strafed civilian convoys, and even killed a Canadian Major by bombing a U.N. outpost.

The American ADL Had A Dossier On Haider

Haider is a dangerous right-wing extremist who exploits Austria's disenchantment with the perennial ruling parties to advance his xenophobic, racist and intolerant policies. Throughout his public career, Haider has consistently parried accusations of anti-Semitism. His record, however, reveals numerous statements utilizing Holocaust terminology and legitimizing Nazi policy and activities. 6



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  1. No, it's not a Mercedes. No, the police aren't saying anything about 50 kmh, they already saids that Haider was driving at 140+ kmh (while 50 kmh was the speed limit). Of course he was killed (not murdered) in a road accident. Your conspiracy theories are laughable. Yes, even fascists can be killed if they have an accident at about three times the allowed speed limit in a small village, on a relatively narrow road.

  2. This post was what I put in the title, 'views', and not meant as anything definitive.
    The judicial inc site should always be looked at with a critical eye.
    Thanks also for your 'view' anon.
    Any event involving politicians, especially controversial ones, will bring forth a wide variety of perspectives.

  3. Even more incredible, this article in Haaretz a few days before he was killed is quite the coincidence:

    Austrian teens visit Auschwitz - then vote for Joerg Haider

  4. Anyone who can't see that this is an assassination is either incredibly gullible or working for the NWO.

    Notice how it's only the leaders of movements opposed in some way to Jewish power who ever seem to die in accidents?

    Not one prominent, powerful Jew or Jew-back politician ever has.

    And the ONLY big name Jewish politician who was ever assassinated - Rabin - was clearly killed as part of a Mossad plot.

    It's the exception that proves the rule.