Monday, October 20, 2008

'Washington Post' Describes Israeli Colonialist Rabbi as American 'Leader'

Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Riskin:
Chief Rabbi, Efrat, Israel
Founder and Dean,
Ohr Torah Stone Colleges

and Graduate Programs

October 20, 2008

I can't really complain about working for nothing when my farflung fossickers are doing all my work for me, can I? The latest feed from Jeff Blankfort, in California. The Washington Post reports on John McCain talking with Jewish American "leaders," including Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, who asks McCain

"why he won't 'hammer' Obama hard for [the Rev. Wright] association. Riskin, from Brooklyn, is a leading rabbi in Efrat, Israel, where he resides."

Says Blankfort: "Quite apart from the fact that this disgusting Rabbi Riskin from Brooklyn was included in a conference with Jewish leaders, no doubt arranged by the Republican Jewish Coalition, the Washington Post's Abramowitz lists his current address as Efrat, Israel. It just happens to not be in Israel but outside of Hebron and is home to some of Israel's most fanatic Orthodox Jewish bsettlers, many if not most of whom are American transplants."

Again, you just want to go out and vomit. This fact was reported by Michael Abramowitz of the Post. Proving again that what I am engaged in, in part, is a Jewish identity project, about unconscious Zionism in the diaspora success class-- conducted by someone, me, who has really only taken one active step here: I have actually been to Hebron. And seen Riskin's intolerant confiscatory religious community. Which some how qualifies him as an American leader?????

Some day, I promise, this stuff will be taught in history books. How religious nationalism of an apartheid character was imbibed and regurgitated by the American press, which was filled with good smart successful Jewish boys who didn't much care for Zionism but were afraid of offending their cousins or aunts or parents, who were compromised by dual loyalty concerns. And so those reporters funked their own professional duties by failing to expose the one-Jerusalem agenda of so much of McCain's cohort. What say you Abramowitz?


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