Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Wolf at the Door

The Hedonistic Pleasureseeker

October 9, 2008

Salon diva Naomi Wolf (Yalie, Rhoads Scholar, CFR, Brzezinski-annointed and Soros-funded world government proponent) has a job to do: Convince the FURIOUS masses that the fascism they’re being subjected to is from the RIGHT wing, and that the answer is to move to the Left to get away from it.

(Sarah Palin? Naomi Wolf? Who is the REAL Franken-Barbie?)

Wolf’s job is to commit Godwins Law violations ad nauseum, hissing “Natzees! Natzees!” until We the People are convinced we’re under the iron thumb of conservatives. We are NOT. We’re under the thumb of globalist plutocrat control freaks who control all sides of the political spectrum.

The NeoCons are not real conservatives. They are NEO-BOLSHEVIKS UNDER COVER. Just look at the pedigrees of their founders: Bitter, eastern-Euro and Russian communist exiles, most (but not all) of the Ashkenazi persuasion. They are control freak plutocrat wannabes. They have a sickness. They need HELP.

The sick fact that Naomi Wolf is to make you forget (or not learn) is that fascism is the screamy, spoiled, violent Damian bastard of the far LEFT. Our most murderous fascists in history - Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, even Hitler was Socialist - hail from the extreme left of the false right/left spectrum.

(Wolves in Sheeps Clothing? Why, yes! Who are the real progressives? Who can you trust when labels mean NOTHING? This book is getting 5 stars on Amazon, people are saying it’s can’t-put-it-down GOOD.)

Right/Left in politics presents a false choice. The real struggle is between centralization of power into the hands of the FEW vs. decentralization of power into the hands of the MANY. Control freak plutocrat wannabes exist on both sides of the political spectrum, and they are predators. They are the wolves, and you are the sheep. Their system is presently referred to as “liberal democracy,” which basically translates to four wolves and one sheep deciding on what to have for dinner.

If you never let this fact leave your minds you won’t be fooled when the “saviors” swoop in with their “solutions.” Invariably their solutions involve more central planning and control, which leads to fascism eventually no matter what you call it.

The way to stop the wolf at the door? Don’t let it in.



  1. Thanks for posting. The never-ending controlled opposition saddens me;however, the truth must be faced. Take care.... I see fascism is right on your doorstep down there.

  2. I know this article won't sit well with the many Naomi fans but the 'alternative' movement must also face scrutiny.