Wednesday, October 15, 2008


By Andrew C. Wallace
October 15, 2008

You do not spend all of your time until after the elections to defeat the Traitors in Congress who voted to unconstitutionally bailout their corporate benefactors who caused the Meltdown.

1- If you defeat the dirty rotten scumbags in Congress, you can impeach and prosecute their fellow travelers in all branches and levels of government so that average Americans can get justice..

2- Our Constitution and Laws are being violated by government officials who continue to pass unconstitutional laws, by definition these officials are rogues, traitors and usurpers with no legitimate authority.

3- Unless you defeat them with the rule of law using Nov. 4th elections, while we still have some sovereignty, the traitors will use force of arms to subjugate you because they will correctly assume you to be worthless, cowardly and ignorant.

4- You have a choice, defeat them now with the vote, or you will be forced to defend yourself later in a bloody civil war.

5- The criminal cabal of power elites, corporations, trust funds, government officials and mainstream media have effectively destroyed our economy our constitutional rights and the foundation for every benefit we have taken for granted.

6- It will not be easy, but if we can defeat these venal traitors at the polls, we have the people to rebuild our great country. But, if you don’t have the courage to get out the vote to defeat them, you and yours can expect to die homeless, hungry and in pain as slaves, because you don’t have the courage to do anything else .

7- We have only the resources to support our own people, we can no longer subsidize cheap labor for corporations. Borders must be secured, illegals deported and the ten visa programs for workers ended. So called free trade and all agreements and treaties that reduce our sovereignty must be ended.

8- The unconstitutional Federal Reserve bank which is owned by private banks and caused the great depression and now this greatest of all depressions must be terminated. This country did very well by following dictates of constitution regarding money and commerce, and must do so again.

9- It is imperative everyone know that both political parties are controlled by the same socialist criminal cabal, and that our presidential election is a fraud between their two preselected candidates. One is an arrogant lying communist who hates rednecks like me who clings to his religion and guns, while resenting illegals for taking their jobs. The other candidate is an arrogant lying fascist who could be elected in a landslide if he did right, and repudiated Amnesty, Free Trade and the bail out. I cannot vote for either. Both of them proclaim that they will give amnesty to illegals, continue NAFTA and other free trade deals and continue bailouts, all to benefit corporations and themselves at our expense. Both are economic idiots who do not know that socialism never works.

10- Since 40% of the unemployment of Black males is due to foreign born (NBEA Study), why do most of the Black and Democrat politicians support illegals? Answer, corporate money. There is no difference between these politicians and the blacks who sold their own people into slavery in the first place.

Following are the names of scumbags in the House and Senate who voted for the unconstitutional bailout for their corporate paymasters who caused the problem by their greed. You must do everything within the rule of law to defeat them. You may use this part as a flyer. For more details see my last article.

The list of traitors can be seen at the source of this article:

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