Thursday, November 6, 2008

Abolish the Federal Reserve Activists

The Federal Reserve is an unconstitutional private institution (see U.S. Constitution, Section 8, Clause 5) that drains the wealth of the American people through the inflationary process.
  • We aim to take the mystery and intimidation out of learning basic economics, so the American people are no longer at the mercy of the Federal Reserve. Every day that passes we are one day closer to economic collapse. The time to educate is NOW!

    Despite silence on the topic by the “mainstream” Presidential candidates (with the exception of Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Dennis Kucinich), every day it becomes more and more apparent that the number one issue in our country is the economy and the falling dollar. Who is to blame for this? Who is printing all the money that drives down the value of our dollar? Who controls the interest rates upon which the fate of our banks, credit cards, loans, mortgages, and lives depend? Are these guys elected by the people? How are they held accountable for their actions? Who is gaining from their inflationary policies? How long has this been going on? These are very important questions to ask yourself.

    One needn’t be an economist to understand: the Federal Reserve is neither federal, nor do they have any reserves. Our dollars are no longer backed by gold or silver. It is a “fiat” currency, and every economy that has used fiat currency in the past has ultimately collapsed.

    We interact with money every day of our lives. Understanding the American financial system is KEY to gaining true freedom and prosperity.

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  1. Abolish Fed?--Why?--U Must Give A Reason, Understandable To Volk
    (Apollonian, 6 Nov 08)

    Yes, everything said on this blog's topic about Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) may be true, but problem is it's still all so academically-oriented, too few people can understand it--it has to do with MENTAL BLOCK phenomenon.

    Ron Paul ( had same problem--too intellectual and abstract to be able to make himself plain and clear for working-class -type folk.

    Hence it's most important to be able to speak/express IN CONCRETE TERMS--not so abstract/intellectual.

    Thus Fed is COUNTERFEIT scam/operation/mechanism/instrument, morons. Fed is simply a criminal enterprise/conspiracy.

    Hence then we have a criminal conspiracy getting over on the people, going on one hundred years now (since 1913), because criminals understand the mental block most people have regarding intellectuality and abstractions--as for "fractional-reserve money and banking"--too few people can understand it. Thus criminals, sharp and observant as they are, make out like bandits.

    And when one considers the abstract-concrete dichotomy which supposedly intelligent people, like Ron Paul, cannot bridge/manage, one understands difficulty in Fed connection w. Jews--FOR JEWS ARE FOREMOST CRIMINALS and psychopaths not lacking in boldness, presumption, and effrontery which they extol veritably as virtues.

    Thus observe same people who cannot for the life of them simply communicate with working-class people by means of concrete terminology--like "COUNTERFEITING"--have difficulty with Pharisaism-moralism and naming the Jews for the psychopaths and criminals they really and truly are.

    CONCLUSION: Thus it is truly said: STUPID PEOPLE MUST DIE--as they're Darwinian "weaklings" who naturally "fall" by proverbial "wayside." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  2. apollonian

    Regarding your premise on intellectual MENTAL BLOCK phenomenon of the average working class people - your stating the obvious. Pres. Elec. Obama (a packaged commercial marketed product) is proof positive.

    SO I suggest the following slogans regaring the fact that the banks have enslaved us all with a fractional reserve fiat credit system:

    YES WE CAN... End the Federal Reserve.


    We need CHANGE!, from corrupt banks.





    ... and for "Joe the Plumber" :

    EAT end POOP the SEX fed SLEEP

    What ya think, more in tune?

  3. Practicality Of Fed Removal Requires Jew-Expulsion
    (Apollonian, 7 Nov 08)

    "Anon," 9:25am, it seems to me u also miss the pt., as u simply try psychologic type "effects" ploy.

    The pt. is to communicate in realistic, serious, sincere manner with the working-class types who have no great confidence in intellect or abstractions.

    Thus as I say, we need spokemen and -women who can convey the syllogism in successful manner: (a) Fed is COUNTERFEITING (see for expo/ref.), thus as (b) counterfeit is necessarily fraud by definition, (c) Fed is fraud and conspiracy, necessarily and by definition.

    For "counterfeiting" is concrete, which people can well understand, and thus it's this concreteness we must retail for the volk to get the idea across.

    But as I indicate above, another, parallel idea must get across--which is that Jews must be EXPELLED, removed, eliminated.

    For as long as Jews (who are actually psychopathic monsters) retain their legitimacy as human beings and citizens, there can and will be NO removal of Fed.

    CONCLUSION: So there's entire constellation of events which must take place: REMOVAL OF FED PRACTICALLY REQUIRES REMOVAL OF JEWS TOO, don't doubt. So what do u think now about Jew-expulsion, "anon," more in tune? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian