Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another JFK Assassination Anniversary

Whatever one may think about JFK and the theories surrounding his assassination, there can be no denying that Friday, Nov. 22, 1963 was the day that the world changed forever.

I was sitting in my 6th grade classroom when for the first time ever the speaker for the intercom system came on with a live radio report. John Kennedy had been killed. We sat in silence except for the muffled sobbing of some of the girls in the class. We were too young to fully realize the implications but we knew from the look on our teacher's face that history was in the making and we had better try and absorb the best we could what was happening.

Watching TV on Sunday morning the 24th, we saw Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald.

School was canceled on Monday. I was outside shooting basketball on my goal with an oak post, obviously rotted at ground level, when it fell.

I always looked back at this goal post falling as symbolic of the falling of America.

We are still in free fall.


  1. Kenny:

    I was 19 when JFK died... I was born and grew up in Boston, and had worked to get JFK elected...

    I was in a Boston Public Library, and saw the librarian, crying, going around the rooms, lowering the shades.

    She then stood in the middle of the room,and tearfully announced "Attention, attention please.... The library is closed. The President has been shot and killed. Please go out. I cannot talk any more."

    In Boston, it was like losing your favorite cousin. We all thought he was the epitome' of charm, courage, and elegance.

    Let me say the unsayable, here:

    Barack Obama has all the same attributes as JFK, and one can only hope he takes seriously.... the threat that his character, charm, etc... will bring to him, from loners, and alienated ones like Lee Harvey Oswald. We cannot go through that again.

  2. It's true, Kenny. I was a sophomore in high school when it happened. I remember I was in woodshop. We had the radio on and the teacher, a Mr. Zitzman, sent me up to the principal's office to tell them about the shooting.

    I was just a kid, just like you, but I grew up on a farm and handled guns since the age of 10. When the Warren Report came out with all of that bullshit about "the single-bullet theory," I knew then just as I know now: Nobody who knows the least thing about hunting and shooting a rifle could possibly believe that shit.

    The fact that the government dared to announce the Warren Report and broadcast that single-bullet nonsense proves nothing more than the government's unutterable contempt for us, the American people. Every year, as I grow older, it hurts more and more to think their contempt for us is justified.

  3. Jack Barry -- hasn't said the unsayable. Jack Barry is unbelievably naive, or is just incapable of connecting the dots.

    Barack Obama doesn't have to worry about the Lee Harvey Oswalds of this world because it wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald who killed John Kennedy. It was a cabal within the U.S. government. There is and can be no other explanation.

    U.S. presidents since John Kennedy don't know exactly how John Kennedy was killed but each of them knows that he lives under the same gun. That's why nothing ever changes. That's why Barack Obama, who promised change, is staffing his White House with Washington insiders -- he does it because he knows what will happen if he honestly tries to change things. He also knows that as long as he plays the game as he found it, he and his family are safe.

    That's what the unsayable really is. Lots of people have tried to say it in public, but everyone who tries gets snowed by the bullshit storms that come hurtling out of Washington in response. When it gets to where the bullshit no longer serves to keep people quiet, that's when martial law will happen.

    You heard it here first.


  4. Yeah Jimmy,

    Obama knows what it takes to stay alive. Kennedy was too early in the game to figure it out. He was made an example of.

    The Congress knows too. All are scared for their lives.

    There's no threat of a lone nut. Only the promise of what will happen if the puppets disobey their string masters.

  5. E4xcellent thoughts and commentary, k (and thanks for posting me).