Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Barack Obama: The Empire’s New Clothes

The Greanville Journal

November 24th, 2008

Carefully engineered myth and reality clash hard in Obama. But both his policies and advisors will soon tell us how much hope for change is justified—if any.

By Paul Street

Barack Obama and his followers continue to revise the history of his ascendance, pretending his campaign was rooted among the “outsiders.” The public line is a fiction, as even the most rudimentary research reveals. In fact, Obama’s own words document his intense courtship of the rich and powerful. Unfortunately, “few if any of” Obama’s staunchest supporters “have bothered to read a single solitary word of Obama’s blatantly imperial, nationalist, and militarist foreign policy speeches and writings,” says the author. “And my sense is they never will.”

“Obama is an act of system-legitimizing brilliance.”

“This is bigger than life itself. When I was coming up, I always thought they put in who they wanted to put in. I didn’t think my vote mattered. But I don’t think that anymore.”

The speaker of these words is Deddrick Battle, a black janitor who grew up in St. Louis’s notorious Pruitt-Igoe housing projects during the 1950s and 1960s.

Battle was speaking about the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama. He was quoted on the front page of last Sunday’s New York Times in a story about the pride many African Americans are naturally feeling in Obama’s candidacy. The story contained numerous examples of American blacks who have been encouraged by the Obama phenomenon to think for the first time that “politics is for them, too” [1].

But, as The New York Times’ editors certainly know, “they” still “put in who they want to put in” to no small extent. The predominantly white U.S. business and political establishment still makes sure that nobody who questions dominant domestic and imperial hierarchies and doctrines can make a serious (”viable”) run for higher office - the presidency, above all. It does this by denying adequate campaign funding (absolutely essential to success in an age of super-expensive, media-driven campaigns) and favorable media treatment (without which a successful campaign is unimaginable at the current stage of corporate media consolidation and power) to candidates who step beyond the narrow boundaries of elite opinion. Thanks to these critical electoral filters and to the legally mandated U.S. winner-take-all “two party” system [2], a candidate who even remotely questions corporate and imperial power is not permitted to make a strong bid for the presidency.

Barack Obama is no exception to the rule. Anyone who thinks he could have risen to power without prior and ongoing ruling class approval is living in a dream world.

“Elite financial, legal, and lobbyists contributions came into Obama’s coffers at a rapid and accelerating pace.”

Obama enjoyed a remarkable windfall of favorable corporate media coverage.”

“His outwardly progressive ‘change’ persona is perfectly calibrated to divert, capture, control, and contain coming popular rebellions.”

“For Obama and his team the Senate was largely a marketing platform for the Next Big Thing.”

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  1. Obama is just the latest agent of Israhell traitoring out the rest of us to Zionist criminals. He continues the tradition of Clinton and Bush of appointing dual Israeli USA citizen holders to key positions to betray the USA, the country is bankrupt bc of them look for your money in Israel. The are all totally armed but the ADL wants us all disarmed, good question why?

  2. You know the answer. A disarmed population is passive and cannot resist their slavery.