Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cyrano Musings

Spontaneous Ideas of Revolt at the Café de Flore

Simone de Beauvoir et Jean-Paul Sartre au Café de Flore

By Gaither Stewart

Therefore the thinking person cannot trust the slogans, the flag and the calls for defense of the American way of life! Don’t trust calls for defense of the democratic republic. Don’t trust them! Don’t trust the liberals! They too are the bourgeoisie, out to get us. They too are the banks and the insurance conglomerates and gigantic cartels of multinationals for globalization and world domination.

Rebellion against this state of affairs and the transformation of rebellion into revolution is our task.

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By Gary Corseri


So, this year, it’s NO! to all the stuffing and bloating in this over-bloated land where 60 percent of the population is overweight and 26% is obese. This year it’s NO! to the relentless endless-war agenda of maniac neocons and fundies; it’s NO to the selected and un-elected panjandrums of our government, corporations and media who have run us into the ground these past umpteen years and more. This year the malcontents and dissidents among us yell: Ya, basta! You don’t listen when we march millions-strong, and you don’t listen when we follow your prescriptions to write letters to newspapers and petition our congressmen — those you buy and sell. You lie us into war by “fixing” intelligence to suit your “Plan for a New American Century.” Fixated on profits and the bottom line, you blatantly deceive us about the “freedoms” we enjoy, while Diebolding our votes and robbing the world blind. And then you expect us to give thanks for taking our sons and daughters, wasting their lives, sending them to a foreign land to kill and maim the sons and daughters of people who have done us no harm, but had the bad fortune to suffer under a tyranny we supported for years. And, where is your penitence?

This year, I say, NO THANKS!

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The oil industry still has many shills putting forth the lie…

By Steven Jonas


Yes indeed, the U.S. does have an energy policy. It is to make us as oil-dependent as possible, thereby producing the largest possible profits for the oil companies. Those profits are almost entirely dependent on the use of foreign oil, because there is so little left here (unless the state of Colorado is totally destroyed by oil shale mining, as parts of Western Canada are being currently, of course). And so, the President-elect has announced a policy to make the U.S. independent of foreign oil in 10 years (without raping Colorado and blowing the tops off every coal mountain that that gentle industry can find). And you think that the oil industry, and their other extractive-industry relatives, coal and natural gas, are going to take this lying down? Well my friend, you’ve got another think coming. See you down this road.

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All three essays above from Thomas Paine's Corner


The treason of the “clerks” continues

James Petras: More uncompromising than ever before, and a thorn under the saddle for many fellow progressives.

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The Greanville Journal

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