Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dear Son: Have you considered a career with "The Outfit"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

To my Son,

Now that you are a senior and will soon be off to college, there is something I hope you will examine before you make any career decisions. I call it "the Outfit," and to most a job there would be the ultimate in success and career achievement…fixed for life. But it has one drawback, for some there is a moral problem. I think you are smart enough to decide and to learn from the Outfit successes.

First, I want you to see what the outfit does. One of its capabilities is the demolition of skyscrapers. Included here are the You Tube links to parts of two films about the demolition of the three World Trade Center buildings on Day911, that appears to be one of the Outfit‘s projects; it did not build them, but it brought them down.

What Happened to Building 7 (please Watch this Youtube film)


Son, after you watch building 7 fall ad dozen times, as I did, I have no doubt you will, also conclude that at least this one of the buildings was brought down by expert demolition, and not the result of being hit by an airplane and fire.

While this film does not prove demolition, the official story is disproved without a shadow of doubt, and this creates a vacuum of truth. It is simply and physically impossible that airplanes caused one if not all three of these buildings to fall down, as you can be determined by applying high school, Newtonian physics. You took the class and I know you got an “A”.

…. Sherlock Holmes is quoted: “If a certain given explanation of a crime is a physical impossibility, then there must be some other explanation that is possible.”

….Documented film observations support a conclusion that the official explanation, those two airplanes, fires, and the so called pancake theory of destruction, destroy all three buildings. As you will see from the movie, the 47 floor, World Trade Center tower 7 fell down like a bowling ball dropped from a tower, at near free fall speed, and was never struck by a plane.

...Sir Isaac Newton figured out a long time ago how fast any object will fall, absent the effect of friction to slow it down, and the affect of the friction can be reasonably calculated. Newton proved a fact no one would believe in his time; a feather will fall as fast as rock in the absence of air resistance to slow down the feather.

The falling WTC building 7 had a lot more friction to overcome than Newton’s feather from millions of tons of steel holding it up and defying gravity every foot of the way down. The impediments to free fall can be calculated. The fall time of Word Trade Center Tower 7, which was not hit by an airplane, was very close to free fall speed, as shown sequenced photos I have referred you to. By cranking the observed fall time and distance into Newton’s little formula you can conclude that there was almost no resistance to slow the top floor on its way to the basement.

One probable possible explanation that fits is that the lower floors were already falling, thus out of the way and offered no resistance to the fall of the upper floors. You will see all this for yourself when you watch the film on how demolition works.

How to find the Outfit that did it:

I knew long before Day911 of many other suspicious events that have the hallmark of “The Outfit’s” work. Some of these materially changed my life, and I can say I am glad it did.

The rest of this paper is about you. I asked you to read it after you watched the videos. If you come to the same conclusion I have stated…that the official story that has led us into two wars, each lasting more than six years, is a lie and the buildings came down from some cause.

I am going to assume you now realize that the official explanation has to be materially untrue, whatever else you believe about this event.

There has to be a very powerful and efficient "OUTFIT" to carry out this incredible plot and maintain discipline among the participants. Never mind who they are, you do not need to know that, and I do not know. The Outfit knows how to be invisible else we would be able to name them. Logically it would be a very profitable place to work.

The problem is the Outfit is criminal. Destroying the WTC and getting away with it was an amazing achievement in crime, perhaps second only to the creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913, the biggest crime in American history. I tell you this to make the point that the Outfit is an old and experienced phantom, and a large one that recruits new blood from generation to generation.

The Outfit will find you if are good enough for it, and if you act like you want to be a part of it, especially if you tailor yourself to its profile.

You should know that a very few, like your father, have set out to find the Outfit and oppose it. There is only one reason anyone would make themselves a foe of so powerful a force, and it is not to get ahead personally. One would resist it only because you think it is the right thing to do.

The Outfit is engaged in criminal acts at the highest order. Doing what you think is right will eventfully exclude you from being recruited!

Consider Your Choices

1) Pretend this never happened, the impossible is possible, put it aside and go on with your life and never look back. Most people do this.

2) Try to join the Outfit so you can be part of the team that might control the world.

3) Plan your life around opposing the Outfit because you (not I) have decided it is the right thing to do.

If you chose path #1, the Outfit may never know you exist except as a number.

If you either choose #2, or #3, you must meet its very lofty standards. You must be an especially talented person, as I think you are. You also must craft your life to become a leader of “mass America”...a leader at any cost. This means you probably should go into politics, after you get some degrees that will work in your favor. You should run for every office and volunteer for every job that comes before you. You will want to hold every volunteer job that will get you better known and more in the public eye.

You might try for Boy’s State...ask your Principal if he will appoint you. If you get there, run for governor. You should run for class president or treasurer, always for the best known office. If you can, you might consider Yale or Harvard, as Barack Osama did. The Outfit starts its search there where the brightest and most wealthy and famous send their children. If your father was inside it, it would be a lot easier for you, but I am not. If you attend a local state college you have to be that much better to be noticed by the Outfit’s recruiters, and work even harder at leadership. You need to volunteer to help the most successful politician you can find.

You should seek political office at some local level as soon as you can, don’t wait to graduate. Wherever you are, invest time getting known as a leader. No goal can be too high for the Outfit; it is looking for the super achiever in every field, whose ambition knows no end. Only if you make yourself outstanding in accomplishment as its kind of “leader” will you be noticed by the Outfit. Then they may approach you.

They will like you all that much better if you develop a skill of craftiness and deception and use it in your meteoric rise to success. They will not worry if you are a liar to others; they have ways to keep you in line once they allow you to join.

Only a very few who are discovered by the Outfit will turn it down because they simply think it’s wrong.

Most who get that far will rationalize that they can do more for the needy world on the inside of the power structure than if they stay outside. What possible reason can there be for rejecting the Outfit if you are given an offer? Because it does criminal acts and gets away with it. If you care about absolutes, the idea of right and wrong, you do not belong in the Outfit, but you can learn success steps from it. Why do I emphasis leadership, and copying the Outfit’s proven methods? Because our side needs leaders, too! It is my prayer that you will be one of these few.

I have stored what knowledge I have accumulated on We Hold These Truths’ website, feel free to use it. I will be watching because I love you.

Charles E. Carlson, Sr.

(480) 947-3329

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