Friday, November 7, 2008

Declaration of Independence From Israel


Being of sound mind and having the clarity to see where world problems originate from and having the determination to bring about resolution to those problems, we hereby declare ourselves free from the state of Israel and it’s influence in our lives.

We understand that Israel is a Zionist state, which offers a refuge for the world’s criminals and is rife with drug and people trafficking, and that Jerusalem is the world’s center for organized crime and crimes against humanity. We understand that “Al Qaeda” is really Mossad creating terror in the world for it’s own objectives. We understand that the Zionist influence has spread across the world and has corrupted our governments. In an effort to take back our rights as citizens of the world, we make the following pledge:

We refuse to fund, engage in or participate in any way, in wars fought on Israel’s behalf.

We will no longer allow members of our government to hold dual-citizenship to Israel.

We will no longer allow our elected officials to pledge loyalty to Israel.

We will no longer allow our elected officials to visit Israel while in office.

We will no longer allow money from our government to be sent to Israel in the form of ‘Foreign Aid’ which is used to support Israel’s military buildup and human rights abuses.

We will no longer allow the Federal Reserve to print money for us. We realize that the Federal Reserve is a private bank with it’s leadership loyal to Israel.

We will no longer allow our government to pay interest on Federal Reserve notes to the Federal Reserve. We understand that this debt is more money that ends up funding Israel.

We will no longer allow our elected officials to accept money from people loyal to Israel. We understand that this makes it necessary to outlaw lobbying and influence peddling altogether.

We will no longer give any money to the Zionist controlled press. This includes advertising or buying any products from any entity considered part of the mainstream media (MSM).

We hereby agree to live by this pledge and to do all in our power to see that it stands.

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Post from The Peoples Voice

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