Friday, November 28, 2008

False Flag Wagering in Vegas Luxor - Vegas

Las Vegas has always had some non-typical betting; which candidate will win which primary or main election or when Elvis will show up.

With the main stream media and various politicians giving us 24/7 reports on the next big 'terrorist' attack, why not add a wagering category....False Flag attacks.

Which city, what date, type of attack. The over and under would be number of causalities.

Something like:
Subway bombing - New York - Feb. 3. - 40 to 1
Controlled demolition - Washington monument - Jan. 20. - 6 to 1

Smaller cities might have higher odds:
Suitcase nuke - Omaha - 1200 to 1
Fire bombing of the Country Music Hall of Fame - Nashville - 20,000 to 1

The downside to this type of betting would be 'insiders' putting their money down. As the wagers on a certain city, date and type of attack increase the odds would go down.

The upside would be that by watching the amount of bets on a certain city and date it might give residents a hint of when to take a vacation.

I hear that Vegas is down and the housing market is in shambles.
Just trying to pump up their economy through some creative non-productive means.

Disaster capitalism. Only in America.

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