Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fruition of the Seeds of Violence

Artist: VisionaryImagist

We live in a violent society. We as individuals reflect what influences our collective conscience.

Never in our lifetime have we been too far away from the specter of war and domestic violence. Once removed, twice removed, it's always there. Close counts. No one is immune.

The next US administration will continue the process of deception that costs lives.

Wars will continue. Lies will feed the machine that has no thought except for profit.

Many will fall for the illusion that if our society is corrupt, then it must be the standard that we live by. Some will use this as justification for their crimes.

Violence toward others as foreign policy injects into the cultural DNA that violence is inevitable, even on the local level.

Sow diseased seeds and the fruits of the plantings become poison.

A slow poison that becomes our demise.


From Joey

The Creator Breath has spoken to me in deep repose and has whispered in my ear that my thoughts are like seeds.

Which thoughts I water will bear fruit.

And what fruit I bear will either be sweet or sour, good or bad depending on which tree I water.

When I was young I met an old Indian man whose wisdom was as deep as the ocean. I asked him how to travel the right road?
How to know what to do? And how to be a good man?

The wise elder said, ” I have two dogs who live inside of me. One who is good and one who is bad. These two dogs constantly fight with each other. Each trying to win my thoughts, my heart and my soul”.

I was astonished by his simple words and then I asked him the all important question, “Which one wins?”

He paused and thought for a moment and then said, “The dog I feed.”

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