Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Guns, The 2nd Amendment and Racism

On Freedom's Wings

November 12, 2008

This morning I was driving to work and was flipping through the channels on the XM radio and I happened upon the black station The Power. It’s the one right after the white station, oh wait… Anyway, it caught my attention because they were talking about guns. This was the Joe Madison show and he was explaining that a friend had told him that monthly gun permits had gone from 1200 a month to over 5000 in Maryland and that this correlated with Barack Obama becoming president. Madison asked callers to give their opinions on why this phenomenon was taking place. Every last one of them promoted the idea that it was due to racism. You see the theory is that us white people are terrified that blacks will now feel empowered to come into our homes and steal our stuff. And according to one caller, Dr. Francis Walsing (sp?), it is from a deep fear that we are going to lose our white civilization. Another caller came right out and said that these gun buyers were uneducated and racist. Talk about your fearmongering. So much for Obama getting us past that whole race issue. The black people just cannot seem to give it up. And, oh yes, the word reparations came up as well.

What a joke! They even attacked Glenn Beck and basically called him racist because he was promoting joining the NRA on his radio show. I have several questions. Could we get some statistics on who the people are that are purchasing guns? Are they all white? Are they indeed all uneducated? Are they all racist? That certainly is why I have decided to buy my first gun - because I’m a dimwit whitey who thinks the blacks are all out to get me. Forget the fact that one of my best friends is a gay black guy.

Here are the facts: President-elect Barack Obama’s rhetoric and record proves that he is anti-second amendment. There is a real chance that gun rights will become more limited. There is a real chance that taxes on guns and ammo will go through the roof with a liberal president and Congress. The actions of the government in regards to bailouts, moving towards a more globalized governing system, Obama giving speeches in Berlin as if campaigning to the world and the world going crazy about his election calling him a truly global president cause many of us to believe that this Republic that we have in America will soon come to an end. The only way to keep a tyrannical government at bay and in check is with guns. That is why the Founding Fathers made sure to highlight and include that right in the Bill of Rights. My fear of having someone break into my home is the same as it was before the election. But because of the reasons I have sited here, I will be purchasing my gun and I would be willing to bet that is the thinking of most people signing up for gun permits.



An Open letter that never closed

November 12, 7:50 AM
by David Codrea
Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner

No one can credibly argue that peaceable citizens in urban areas do not have a need to defend themselves. All human beings have an unalienable right to protect themselves, their families and their communities against aggression. The right to keep and bear arms is color-blind, and belongs to us all. It is not, and never can be, the sole province of the
"only ones," which would be, by definition, a police state enjoying a monopoly of force.

The entire article is here.


The NRA said Obama would support a "huge new tax on my guns and ammo," referencing a 1999 article in a Chicago newspaper saying the then-Illinois state senator promoted a plan to increase federal taxes by 500 percent on the sales of firearms and ammunition.

According to FBI figures for the week of November 3 to 9, the bureau received more than 374,000 requests for background checks on gun purchasers -- a nearly 49 percent increase over the same period in 2007. CNN

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