Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Israel's Continuing Influence?
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It's Official: Record Number of Jews Now in Congress

All of these lovers of Zionism will be led by this traitor, Miss Bat Mitzvah herself, Pelosi.

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Between this and the overwhelming number of advisers, appointees, department heads and other Zionist barnacles attaching on to the ship of state, there doesn't look like their will be much of a change in DC anytime soon.

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Wait until Obama starts appointing his cabinet to see how far the Zionists have sunk their fangs into another American presidency.

Next up: Funnelling more money and weapons to that racist and apartheid Jews only state of Israel and pimping the public for another war for Israel.

And another phony story in Rupert Murdoch's media empire about another "dirty bomb" ship from Iran.

From an article in the JPost online:

All time record for Jewish representation in Congress

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My projection was an all-time record 45-46 Jewish legislators in Washington next year. It’s now 44, with Berkowitz of Alaska still waiting for the closing of the polls. That is a new record, up from 43. 13 Senators (doesn’t matter who wins the MN Senate seat), 31-2 House members.

Here’s the almost-final list of the new Jewish congressional caucus:

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Margaret Kimberley

"The Bush doctrine will morph into the Obama doctrine."

"Because of the constant collusion of the supine Democratic party, Bush has achieved nearly all of his goals in domestic and foreign policy."

"Obama's objections to Bush policy are about little more than management style."

Read the rest:


At celebratory reception at the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem Tuesday night, U.S. Ambassador James Kingham said he could vouch Obama's support of Israel, for the advancement of the peace process and for Israel's security.


O-BOMB-A has so ingratiating himself to AIPAC that any hope for peace in the Middle East is pure illusion. Where is the hope? Where is the change? The great Barack hope proposes a foreign policy that supports Israeli territorial expansion, economic and social justice policies that benefit corporations and multimillionaires and their billionaire mentors.

John Murphy

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