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By Michael Shaw

November 1, 2008

Reinvention of Government - Part 2

This chart shows the Sustainable Development organizational framework in Southern California.

San Fernando Valley has a population of about two million people; much of it is part of the City of Los Angeles. Vision 20-20: San Fernando is one of the 12 Southern California midlevel regional soviets.

This ‘visioning plan’ calls for:

“Economic Development and Business Assistance.” Why is this dubiously financed council giving economic development and business assistance to businesses? Part of the reason is to find the compliant “partners’ for a new economic order.
“Workforce and Education Investment.” Workforce and Education! What do they plan to do with children?
Vision 20-20 calls for “livable and sustainable communities.” That ultimately means “official” use only of cars; bicycle and rail for most, government child care and assigned jobs for ordinary people – the worker bees and the bee keepers.

Vladimir Lenin said, “Few bureaucrats (or change agents) need to understand our goals and our philosophy. Most are simply useful idiots.” Have you, or someone you know, been fooled?

Here is a regionalized California.

Governor Schwarzenegger has replaced the California Wildlands Project chief, Mary Nichols, a disciple of Clinton’s EPA chief Carol Browner. Ms. Nichols had successfully implemented a vast array of draconian policies on rural California land owners and land managers. Nichols was so successful that the Sustainable Development globalist political machine could pretend to lessen the acceleration of heat on rural land owners. In reality, the change of governor merely changed the focus of Sustainable Development from the Wildlands project to the urban element of Sustainable Development – Smart Growth. Sunne Wright-McPeak formerly headed a California Regional Leadership Council, The Bay Area Alliance for Sustainable Development. She now heads up a new state Housing, Transportation and Jobs agency. State centralization of local land use has been slipped in without public awareness. This agency immediately began the rapid acceleration of state Smart Growth mandates, bribes and extortions of local communities.

In Santa Cruz, local Sustainable Developers are coordinated with the new state policy. So much so that the county now plans 10,000, government controlled, housing ‘units’. The tenants will be chosen by the “Housing Authority”. Rents are not to exceed 30% of income. I contend that a class of government dependents and political machine operatives will be created so to drive an unrestrained democracy to impose further controls on currently unsuspecting citizens. The Santa Cruz plans reflect cookie cutter Smart Growth proposals; business at street level – stacks of small living quarters built on top. The mass and sudden densification will be built within walking distance to mass transit. The infrastructure is intended to be unfriendly for car use. There are back room discussions about government child care on every block, water and energy masters and workforce directives.

The new Santa Cruz Planning Director has been given czar-like rezoning powers. For the prior 15 years this man has been in a back room with a large staff doing “advanced planning”. Today a number of “non profits” and other compliant developers own many key parcels. Often these parcels had owners whose reasonable goals were frustrated by the same Planning Department for decades.

The local paper reports $295 million of state and federal tax grants to subsidize the first 3700 small sustainable dwellings! Smart Growth means guaranteed profits for insiders, a life of dependency for some residents and an activist pad for others. All arranged to subvert the premise of the American Republic.

Smart Growth’s goal is to centralize control over urban life. Federal, state and local “partnerships” and MOU’s (Memorandums of Understanding) implement the creation of an infrastructure for a post private property era. The Sustainable Developer goal is to destroy the federalist system of government, representative democracy and the liberty that the American system of government was designed to protect.

Santa Cruz globalists are being rewarded for leading the pack. The Santa Cruz political machinery’s huge reward is paid with your tax dollars.

Local, state and federal officials must go on record: Do they support Liberty or Sustainable Development?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a democrat or a republican, libertarian or green. Today’s political system today is implementing this United Nations designed program to re-order American society because the political machinery of these parties is neck deep in Sustainable Development.

Liberty! or Sustainable Development is a 13 Chapter serial adaptation of the transcript of Michael Shaw’s opening speech from the video: Liberty or Sustainable Development. Michael Shaw is President of Freedom E-mail Michael Shaw.

Prior chapters in this series include:

Chapter 1 – Understanding Liberty
Chapter 2 – The Decay of Liberty – An Illustration
Chapter 3 – Defining Sustainable Development
Chapter 4 – Liberty or Sustainable Development
Chapter 5 – A Closer Look at Sustainable Development – Part A
Chapter 6 – A Closer Look at Sustainable Development – Part B
Chapter 7 – Sustainable Development’s Land Use Element
Chapter 8Rooting Sustainable Development in the USA
Chapter 9 – A Healthy Planet and Individual Liberty are Inseparable
Chapter 10Reinvention of Government - Part 1

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A different viewpoint on sustainable development.

Request For Proposal (RFP)….from The “American” People

Thomas Paine's Corner


Ideal candidate should consist of a group of not less than 5 percent of the American People — 15 million souls — who will devise a plan of immediate replacement of failed political/economic/environmental system with a viable new one. Residents of similar failed Nation States throughout the planet are similarly encouraged to apply.

We, as an equal opportunity employer, recognize the success of many Native North American (Turtle Island) and other human tribes at maintaining sustainable, ecological methods of allotting medical care, food, a place in society, regardless of idiosyncratic behavior, sexual preference, or personal pursuits that don’t harm the well being of the tribe, not to mention various levels of democracy and meritocracy according to the mores of each cultural-linguistic group, resulting in physically, mentally and spiritually strong and healthy individuals. Hence, we welcome any such proposals that might enable the clean-up of the environment, a positive, equally beneficial relationship between humans, plants and other animals. However, we are not interested in building yet another civilization, which by definition must suppress dissent at home and colonize other societies abroad in order to possess their wealth and/or labor. Residents of European, Asian, Mediterranean, African, North and/or South American Nation States need not apply, unless they have learned the universal and eternal laws of Empire (and thermodynamics) and renounced civilization in favor of a more sustainable, community oriented world of many societies, each living peaceably and in accordance with the nature of the land. Agriculture and other precursors of Civilization will be judged with extreme prejudice and approved only if used by a individual communities to support themselves on their land. Import/exports of “goods” and “services” will be strongly discouraged except in cases of emergency.

Please Submit All Inquiries to:

Anywhere But Washington, D.C.

Turtle Island

Western Hemisphere

Planet Earth

Adam Engel, Cyrano’s Journal Online contributing editor and author of TOPIARY, can be reached at


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