Sunday, November 9, 2008

LWB Intercepts AIPAC "To Do" List For Rahm Apartheid-Israel Emanuel

Congressman Rahm Emanuel
3742 West Irving Park Road
Chicago, IL 60618

Shalom Fellow Cabalster:

Congratulations on your recent appointment as White House Chief of
Staff. Now here are your next assignments.

To Do:

1. Obtain the names of all intelligence officers responsible for recent NIE estimate stating that Iran had discontinued efforts to obtain nuclear weapons.

2. Fire all of those officers responsible for recent NIE estimate.

3. Inform Department Of Justice that they will be dropping all charges against Mssrs. Rosen and Weissman.

4. Fire all FBI agents responsible for discovering our treachery and all of those within the Department of Justice that actually thought we could be prosecuted.

5. Obtain a pardon for our national hero Jonathon Pollard (if our current Presidential stooge has not already done so at the time you assume your new responsibilities).

6. Obtain classified tape of our dancing Mossad agents observing the first jet liner strike on the twin towers.

7. Destroy tape of our dancing Mossad agents taping the first jet liner strike on the twin towers.

8. Contract Israeli telecommunications companies to install new phone system in the White House.

9. Contract Israeli trash removal service to remove White House trash.

10. Initiate legislation that would make criticism of Israel a felony punishable by death.

11. Pardon Ben-Ami Kadish now out on bail accused of passing nuclear secrets to our real country.

Additional orders will follow as your term progresses.

A Kol Nidre for every holiday

The AIPAC Executive Committee

cc:Harvard Law School

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