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McCain vs. Obama and Ordo ab Chao

Saturday, November 1, 2008

By Matthew D. Jarvie
November 1, 2008

In the remaining few days leading up to the elections (or, as I say, selections), a few things have been running through my mind. As I have made clear many times before, whoever "wins" matters next to nothing, as Barack Obama and John McCain are merely two masks for the same face. That "face" represents the handful of intergenerational families that own and control the majority of this planet through their control over and manipulation of the money supply. As Carroll Quigley said, the two parties are to be identical so no matter which party wins, nothing drastic will change in terms of policy. When the public gets sick of one party, they can simply throw that party out and elect the other one. The fact is both candidates read off the same script and answer to the same puppetmasters who are beholden to the international banking and corporate elite, via their NGOs, such as the Council on Foreign Relations; an organization that both Barack Obama and John McCain are closely connected to.

The whole sham of elections serves only to benefit those who control and administer both political parties and hand-select both candidates -- who are often groomed many years in advance for the roles they will later serve -- for the public to choose from. It's the very illusion that voting actually matters that keeps their system afloat. This is why I have to shake my head when I hear those who claim to know the truth emphasizing the importance of voting, as if they have a say, even if their vote is actually counted in the first place. It's this sham we call "democracy" that has prevented any large-scale effort to bring about a change from outside the system. As long as the public can be duped into voting for Team A or Team B, nobody is going to realize that both teams are owned by the same people. (And voting for a third party candidate isn't any better because they stand no chance of winning unless they too are controlled.) Most people believe that voting is important because this is what has been continuously beat into their heads by the media, their families and friends, the public school system, etc. They don't even ask themselves why it is important or who it is important to, and most people are incapable of this as they have accepted reality as it has been sold to them by the "experts." The ability to think for themselves and question things is almost non-existent. They have been domesticated, like sheep.

So now that this once-every-4-year dog and pony show is coming to a close, a few things have come to mind.

For the past several months the media has clearly been pushing Obama as the anointed candidate of choice, while McCain has been given obviously much less favorable coverage. In recent weeks, the media has went as far as to all but declare Obama the guaranteed winner. Now, with only three days leading up to the elections, the media is starting to sow the seeds of doubt in people's minds that Obama may not be the winner after all, and that perhaps McCain might creep ahead at the last minute and beat Obama. On Friday, a Zogby poll showed McCain with a sudden one percent lead over Obama. The fact is that these polls are bogus and have always been bogus. They serve more to influence public opinion than to gauge it. After all, it is basic psychology that most people are going to want to side with who they perceive as the winner. Is it a coincidence that McCain, after trailing Obama for weeks (according to the polls), is now, with just days before the elections, ahead of Obama? Gut instincts tell me no, and that perhaps they're now starting to prepare the public for a McCain victory on Tuesday.

While, as I have stated above and many times before, it makes no difference which candidate wins in the grand scheme of things, there are however reasons why one candidate may be chosen instead of the other. For instance, the plan for 2001-onwards was orchestrated many years in advance. It is important to understand that these people (the global elite) operate according to a timetable. Therefore it makes sense that they needed the Republican, George W. Bush, to win while convincing us that Bill Clinton and his Democrats are the party of peace and prosperity. (Nevermind Clinton's atrocities in Sudan and Kosovo, many on the brainwashed left view him as a hero anyway.) Now the Republicans could live up to their name as warhawks, while the Democrats could remain that peaceful, loving dialectical "opposite" needed to maintain the illusion of a two-party system. (Nevermind the fact that the majority of Democrats rolled over for Bush nearly every step of the way, many of the dumbed-down public view them as the "lesser of two evils" anyway.)

Now that the Republicans have managed to completely discredit themselves in nearly every way possible, with the remaining PNAC/Middle East agenda put on hold (at least for now), it makes sense that they would likely offer us a "change" by installing Barack Obama as the next Puppet-in-Chief, to renew people's faith in the two-party (one-party) system. Instead of Islamic fundamentalists being the bogeymen of the West, it could shift to those cold-blooded Ruskies and a renewal of the Cold War, with BHO Puppetmaster-General Zbigniew Brzezinski at the helm.

Conversely, at the same time, they have gotten to that point on their timetable that it really no longer matters what the public thinks. This explains the buildup of a standing army in the US under NORTHCOM, combined with the militarization of the police forces in the name of "Homeland Security" and the increase of FEMA/Rex-84 detainment facilities in the event of mass civil unrest, which they have no doubt been planning on for many, many years. Because they are now at or near this point on their timetable, it is likely they will soon foment a crisis to create the chaos needed to declare martial law and further clamp down on the freedoms we have remaining as they further usher in their militarized government.

It is important to understand that those at the top who control this system are masters of deception and are not always as predictable as some may think. Is it possible they have been building a segment of the public up via the media, only for a big let down with a McCain victory on Tuesday? I stated months ago that an Obama loss would no doubt result in rioting and overall civil unrest. Many have since come forward predicting the same thing, and it's been admitted that law enforcement agencies across the country are preparing for riots in the event that Obama loses. This is no surprise because for decades the social engineers have been working to further foment racial tension between blacks, whites, Hispanics, and pretty much every other ethnicity. This can be seen today in the way the tax-exempt foundations (i.e. the Ford Foundation), in combination with Fortune 100 corporations, are funding the radicalization of Mexican immigrants into the US through organizations such as the National Council of La Raza. There is a reason for this, and that reason is to foment racial conflict, because out of chaos comes order (ordo ab chao).

Normally I do not speculate about things like this, let alone pay any attention to the left vs. right charade promulgated by the corporate, CFR-controlled media. However, I feel that this at least warrants consideration. Could a McCain victory be the pretext for a martial law test-run, in preparation for when the rug is finally pulled out from under the American people and the economy finally implodes? Or could the widespread chaos resulting from a McCain victory be the final straw in implementing an openly fascist system of government. I believe that this will be an incremental implementation (and one that is already taking place) versus something that happens overnight, though only time will tell.

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