Saturday, November 22, 2008

Meet Timothy Geithner - Obama's Secretary of Treasury

New York Federal Reserve Bank President Timothy F. Geithner.
New York Federal Reserve Bank President Timothy F. Geithner. (Daniel Acker - Bloomberg News)

The tentacles of the Federal Reserve have squeezed tighter around the proposed Obama administration. Timothy Geithner, the now president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, has been tabbed to be the new Secretary of Treasury.

Acording to the Washington Post, Geithner, at 47 is the same age as Obama and would represent a generational change in the highest levels of Washington economic policymaking.

A Democrat and a relative unknown outside the world of high finance, Geithner has worked closely with Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. to devise responses to the most critical events of the market turmoil, including the bailouts of the investment bank Bear Stearns and the insurance giant American International Group. Like Paulson, Geithner believes that the Treasury should be given vast powers to develop experimental strategies for responding to the crisis and the flexibility to abandon them if they don't work.

Geithner's mentor is Lawrence H. Summers, 53, a Treasury secretary during the Clinton administration who also was in the running for the job. Summers instead will go to the White House and serve as a senior economic adviser to Obama.

In the late 1990s, he worked under Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin and Summers to guide the Clinton administration's response to currency collapses in Russia, Mexico and Asia. In the last years of the administration, Summers became Treasury secretary and Geithner was promoted to undersecretary.

No big surprise here. Obama's handlers and groomers have ensured that they have their man heading in the right direction. That direction being the continued manipulation of the US and world economies as decided by the Fed and the globalist central bankers. The next four years and Obama's re-election in 2012 will see the hundred year anniversary of the privately owned, illegal and criminal Federal Reserve in 2013.

No change here. The Fed will continue to strangle the American people and lead us deeper into the planned two class system, the rich and the poor. A one world currency is on the horizon and the sovereignty of the US is in jeopardy.

The Fed and the global central banks thrive on war. It's their biggest money maker. The lives of the lower classes do not matter. Don't expect anything but cosmetic strategy changes in the fraud of the 'war on terror'. The bankers depend on it.

The conformation hearings for Geithner will offer an opportunity for Congress to ask some very pertinent questions. Not the least of which would be "Who owns the Fed". A thorough grilling of Geithner on this question, broadcast on CSPAN and reported in the main stream media, could give the American people insight into what is actually happening in the shadow world of finance.

It won't happen. The conformation hearing will be a sham and the Fed will roll on with their puppet men controlling the game.

More background on Geithner.


Is Timothy Geithner Jewish?

Yes. Timothy Geithner, selected by Barack Obama to be secretary of the treasury, is a Jew.

Geithner is now president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Geithner of Larchmont, N.Y. He is married to Carole M. Sonnenfeld and has two children. The Rev. Thomas Keehn, a United Church of Christ minister, officiated at his wedding.

All three men, Geithner, Lawrence Summers and Paul Volcker who had been under consideration by President-Elect Barack Obama for the Secretary of the Treasury post in his administration, are Jews.

Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers is a Jew. In 2002 he wrote of himself, "I am Jewish, identified but hardly devout."

Summers now is likely to be named as an economic adviser to Obama. He then may succeed Ben Bernanke in 2010 as Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker is a Jew. He is a native son of Teaneck New Jersey and a graduate of Teaneck High School. His father was the township's first Municipal manager.

Volcker was appointed Chairman of the Federal Reserve in August 1979 by President Jimmy Carter and reappointed in 1983 by President Ronald Reagan.


  1. "Geithner's resume includes work at Kissinger Associates Inc., the consulting firm of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger" -- Boston Globe

    Also fyi, Paulson wants second half of bailout bc citi


  2. Treasury Secretary Designate Geithner’s Kissinger Associates Connection-Part 1

    Between 1986 and 1989, U.S. Treasury Secretary Designate Timothy Geithner was employed at Henry Kissinger, Brent Scowcroft and Lawrence Eagleburger’s Kissinger Associates influence-peddling firm, which also employed George W. Bush’s former special envoy to Iraq, L. Paul Bremer, during the early 1990s. A leading candidate for Commerce Secretary, Bill Richardson, also is a former employee of Kissinger Associates.

    An expose, titled “The `Kissinger Affair’: A Look At Henry Kissinger’s Kuwaiti Connection,” which appeared in the March 27, 1991 issue of a Lower East alternative newsweekly Downtown, began with the following quotation from the April 20, 1986 issue of the New York Times Magazine about Kissinger Associates during the years that Treasury Secretary Designate Geithner worked there:

    “It is very difficult to pin down what Mr. Kissinger and the others are really doing in the business end of their lives. None will say for attribution who their clients are or discuss the specifics of what they do, although they do talk about their work with the understanding that they not be identified…Kissinger Associates requires a clause in its contracts stating that neither the firm nor its clients will divulge a business connection…”

    In 1991, T. Jefferson Cunningham III, according to Moody’s International Manual, was on the board of directors of Treasury Secretary Designate Geithner’s former employer. That same year Kissinger Associates Director Cunningham was also a director of the Midland Bank of Britain and 10.5 percent of Midland Bank’s stock was owned by the government of Kuwait. And coincidentally, Geithner’s former boss at Kissinger Associates, Henry Kissinger, was not reluctant to use his special influence on behalf of his Midland Bank/Kuwaiti government business associates after August 1990 to push for the January 1991 Pentagon high-technology military attack on Iraq that led to thousands of Iraqi civilian casualties.

    In the April 20, 1986 New York Times Magazine article, titled “Kissinger Means Business: Corporate America is eagerly seeking Henry Kissinger’s insight and celebrity,” the Times then-national security correspondent, Leslie Gelb, reported that the Midland Bank of Britain was also one of the special influence-purchasing clients of Kissinger Associates that paid Treasury Secretary-Designate Geithner’s former employer “slightly more than $150,000 yearly for varying services.” Gelb also noted that “The other top members of the firm” were “Lieut. General Brent Scowcroft, President Ford’s National Security adviser, and Lawrence S. Eagleburger, who was an Under-Secretary of State in the Reagan Administration.”

    In the early 1990s, Treasury Secretary-Designate Geithner’s Kissinger Associates colleagues, Scowcroft and Eagleburger, were both high officials in the Bush I Administration. Scowcroft, a former Santa Fe International director who received personal payments from the Kuwaiti government-owned Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) subsidiary in 1984, 1985 and 1986, was Bush I’s national security affairs adviser. And Eagleburger was Bush’s Deputy Secretary of State.

    According to a profile of Scowcroft that appeared in the Times on Feb. 21, 1991, it was the presentation of Geithner’s former Kissinger Associates colleague at a National Security Council meeting on Aug. 3, 1990 “that made clear what the stakes were, crystallized people’s thinking and galvanized support for a strong response” to the Iraqi military occupation of Kuwait, which had led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians from either Pentagon military operations or U.S. economic sanctions since January 1991.

    Kissinger Associates was established in 1982, four years before Treasury Secretary-Designate Geithner joined the firm, after Henry Kissinger secured a loan from EM Warburg, Pincus & Company, an investment banking firm and when Treasury Secretary-Designate Geithner worked for Kissinger in the late 1980s the Kissinger Associates Manhattan office was located at 350 Park Avenue on the corner of 52nd Street—in the same building as Chase Manhattan Bank’s Commercial Bank of Kuwait subsidiary local office.

    The building’s lobby at that time contained a computerized building directory of all the building’s tenants. But, according to New York Times then-national security correspondent Gelb’s April 20, 1986 “Kissinger Means Business” article, “Punch `K’ and you will not find Kissinger Associates, for Henry A. Kissinger still receives threats, so, for security reasons, you have to be invited to learn what floor his firm is on.”

    Kissinger Associates also had an office in Washington, D.C. of three researchers and four clerks which was headed by Scowcroft when Treasury Secretary-Designate Geithner worked for the firm. According to Times correspondent Gelb, only about 25 people then worked in both the Manhattan and Washington, D.C. offices of Kissinger Associates, “including Mr. Kissinger’s bodyguards” and Geithner.

    In 1991 a Kissinger Associates spokesperson told me in a telephone interview that Geithner’s 1980s employer was “an international consulting firm.” But, according to the April 20,1986 New York Times Magazine article, “Kissinger Means Business,” although “these consultants are not lobbyists in the strict sense of the word,” some of them “are involved in selling their influence at home and almost all do so abroad.” (end of part 1)

  3. Excellent reporting.
    Dan Howitt

  4. Thanks for the detailed info Bob.
    Where there is a Kissinger connection, trouble for the people follows.

  5. Neither Peter F. Geithner nor Paul Volcker are Jews !!!!!!!!