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No Criminal Left Behind

A Ticket to The Hague for Dick Cheney?


Go Beyond Closing Guantanamo

If President-elect Barack Obama's goal is to engender a "global wave of diplomatic and popular goodwill," closing the prison at Guantanamo seems a pretty cheap way to achieve it. I would think the world would be more impressed if we brought to trial those who ordered or facilitated the torture that went on.

Even if the new administration is expected to outlaw torture, it should be noted that the practice is already illegal. It is precisely for this reason that once the Obama administration takes office, there should be an immediate investigation of President Bush, Vice President Cheney, former defense secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and others to determine whether they should be prosecuted on charges of violating U.S. law. more


Prosecuting Bush

An article in today mentions that the Obama campaign is looking at launching investigations into crimes that may have been committed by the Bush administration related to torture and human rights abuses. They point out that George W. Bush could in fact provide blanket pardons for everyone, everywhere.

While this is correct, they forget one thing. That pardon only works in the US. International courts are by no means obliged to honor these pardons, and any evidence uncovered during these findings could be used to prosecute Bush, his administration, CIA and military personnel as soon as they step foot outside of US soil. Since we have shown the world it was perfectly acceptable to kidnap people on foreign soil and then send them to rot in a torture camp, there's no reason why some particularly progressive country may not choose to start doing the same to US personnel.

Wouldn't' it be funny if the international courts, which the US has used to prosecute the most heinous of war criminals someday prosecuted Bush and members of his administration?


Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee Calls for New Nuremberg Trial To Hold USA's Officials Responsible For Crimes Against Humanity.

I call for a new Nuremberg Trial to hold individuals of the FBI, CIA, former presidents of the United States of America, members of Congress, Judges, etc. responsible for crimes against Humanity and other high crimes and misdemeanors. Consistent with the rules of the International Military Tribunal a crime against Humanity is defined as:
"Murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation and other inhumane acts committed against any civilian population, before or during...war; or persecution on political, racial, or religious grounds in execution of or in connection with any crime within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal, whether or not in violation of the domestic law of the country where perpetrated."

Note that crimes against peace are included in the jurisdiction of the Tribunal, even when crimes against Humanity are committed during times of peace.

Note that the FBI and the CIA routinely torture, kill, falsely imprison, or force suicide upon the targeted individuals globally, as I have documented in my reports. I am witness to the fact that the FBI and the CIA inhumanely and regularly torture the targeted person and also force him/her to live under horrific conditions that could reasonably be expected to lead to suicide even while the FBI and the CIA agents and operatives watch and record same.
All United States leaders who participated in the criminal organizations of the fbi and the cia, with respect to torture, false imprisonment, forced suicide, and other atrocities (such as non-consensual human medical experimentation) must stand trial as war criminals, or for crimes against Humanity and crimes against Peace.

Political, military and economics leaders, as well as propaganda directors in the government and in the mainstream media are subject to indictment for crimes against Humanity. The operatives of the fbi and the cia who carried out psychoelectronic (and related psychological operations against human beings) will have a front role seat as defendants at the trial; they will be particularly identified and exposed for their decades long involvement in atrocities.
All fbi and cia directors are to be tried; all presidents who condoned or covered up the crimes will be held liable. All Secretaries of State, Defense, any other agency (such as FDA, HHS, DOJ) which carried out atrocities committed by the fbi and the cia will be held accountable.
All culpable medical and dental doctors will be tried alongside their Handlers, and government agents. All other persons, identified by a thorough and objective investigation, who aided or covered up the atrocities will be called to answer for their crimes against Humanity.

The modern day equivalents of Josef Mengele, Klaus Barbie, Joseph Goebbels and Herman Goering (all of the Nazi Party) who in the United States participated in the crimes against Humanity will be identified and tried for their crimes. Names such as Freeh, Rice, Bush, Cheney, Tenet, Gates, Cornyn, Clinton,etc. will become synonymous with the names of their German Nazi counterparts of the 1930s.


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  1. who in the United States participated in the crimes against Humanity will be identified and tried for their crimes. Names such as Freeh, Rice, Bush, Cheney, Tenet, Gates, Cornyn, Clinton,etc. will become synonymous with the names of their German Nazi counterparts of the 1930s.

    OH Happy Day!

    If only that would happen.

    And what a shame that We the People, who let these blood-thirsty psychos rain death and destruction upon the world, especially the ME and Muslims, don't have the balls to take these liars, thieves, con artists and mass murderers by the collar and toss them in prison.

    Along with their accomplices in the MSM, especially the lunk heads at FUX and CNN.

    They aided and abetted the Bush-Cheney criminal apparatus and like the Nazi propagandists, should be arrested and held without bail.

    To await trial, since we would need to follow what the Bush-Cheney Junta hasn't: Constitutional law.

    After conviction, they'd be sentenced accordingly.

    Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Feith, etc. upon conviction, should be shipped to Iraq and dropped off in Fallujah or Tal Afar or Mosul or Bagram or Helmand Province in Afghanistan and let those people decide what to do with those homicidal maniacs.

    But that's fantasy.

    They've got the power and aren't about to let some trifling thing like the law get in their way.

    Instead, they'll distract the American public by pulling off another 9/11.

    Only this time, I fear it will be worse, much, much worse.