Monday, November 17, 2008

On The Road to Moronity

Rand Clifford pulls it all together in this essay/rant. I actually sent Rand's link to Keith Olbermann. He's getting stale, needs a new writer for his special comments and Mr. Clifford is my suggestion.

Thomas Paine's Corner


By Rand Clifford


The elite power configuration that controls America—what do they desire most for the average American citizen? Moronity. Christian fundamentalist kinds of irrationality. Dearth of freethinking. Citizens moved enough by words to ignore evidence, frightened enough to simply “Trust us.”

A nation of consumers as easily and predictably manipulated as sheep into working hard and paying hard for their own demise while refusing to even imagine the ultimate sacrifice of America to gods of the New World Order. That’s about it, the rest is lies. Sometimes pretty lies, blinding we’re-number-one lies, trust-us lies. “Terrorists!” lies, and reassuring lies…but always, lies.

Two thousand years ago, five centuries before the collapse of Rome, Tiberius Caesar announced, “I want my sheep shorn, not shaven.” In America, especially since the sheep have just been gored for another trillion dollars—this time to reward financial mavens for catastrophic economic effects of their sheer greed, virtually no taxpayer benefit, American shears have been covered with skin, blood, meat.

The sheep are stirring. But the “Raiders”, First Brigade Combat Team of the Army’s Third Division, deployed on home soil as of October 1, have been specially trained to use the first-ever modular, nonlethal package of weapons the Army has fielded. Under command of US Army North, the Army’s component of NorthCom—the Pentagon’s northern command, which was created after 9/11 to defend the US “homeland”, the Raiders, in gross violation of posse comitatus, will aid local, state and federal authorities in crowd control.

So the sheep might bleat and stir, but serious revolt—any meaningful kinds of protest granted as rights under the Constitution—are likely to face the new package of nonlethal weapons. 1st BCT’s Raiders are 4000 combat-seasoned troops fresh from three tours of duty in Iraq; an elite killing force deployed at home to subdue the unruly and dangerous without killing them. Unruly and dangerous, in “elite-speak” means anyone who cares enough about the scuttling of America to do something that might actually help…people who understand that in the horrors of the last eight years there have been no accidents. America is where it is by design.

What is this new modular package of nonlethal weapons the Raiders will be employing; what might a protester experience if subjected to Raider kinds of crowd control? Microwaves to make their skin feel aflame. Lasers to scramble their vision. Ballistic beanbags to knock out their wind, or medium-range aluminum pellets for savage electric shocks. There’s radio frequency and acoustic weapons to vibrate their internal organs. Curdler units and squawk boxes to menace their brain through their ears…. With many of these new crowd control devices the line between nonlethal and lethal is a fine one—but who said citizens should be protesting in the first place?

The Constitution has provisions for the people to save themselves from tyranny, from a government out of control. Founders of our Democratic Republic went to elaborate lengths to safeguard the people from government—and these were brilliant men, highly-educated intellectuals such as we so desperately need working for the common good. But the safeguards have been methodically gutted to “protect people from terrorists”—a sacrifice-of-freedom-for-safety subterfuge leading most insidiously toward criminalizing dissent. If you protest the way citizens must if a Democratic Republic is to be preserved, you can now be declared an enemy combatant….

The “peoples’” government finally, exclusively and ultimately belongs to the elite. Sure, the people just voted to choose a new leader, were pacified with illusions of a voice—even pacified with a “win”. But our new leader has long been property of the elite, chosen by the elite before the people even got a look at the goods. He owes the elite everything, owes the people nothing, and we are left holding a bag marked HOPE, and, CHANGE, hoping it is not empty.

Perhaps the reason that the recent presidential “election” was not such an obvious exercise in GOP fraud as the two that installed this person as Commander In Chief is sheer raw power of the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, and Council On Foreign Relations variety. Ultimate, elite power that few Americans are even aware of.


And regarding the new “nonlethal” package of weapons ready for deployment against Americans in America…as far back as 1970, importance of such technology was being touted, tools for the elites in managing a society that would become increasingly controlled and directed. While still a professor at Columbia University, future U.S. National Security Advisor under President Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, was quoted as saying:

“Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control. Technical and scientific momentum would then feed on the situation it exploits.” (also: The Military’s Pandora’s Box)

This is the same Brzezinski who, along with David Rockefeller, created the Illuminati’s Trilateral Commission in 1973. Dedicated to a fascist dictatorship one world government, the Trilateral Commission is symbiotic with the Bilderberg Group, and the Council on Foreign Relations (please see: The Goodbye Republic ).

The same Russian-hating Brzezinski who was often closeted during the Carter administration because of his nihilist “Dr. Strangelove” persona…same man who was back at Columbia a few years later as advisor for Obama’s senior thesis. Webster G. Tarpley’s new book, Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography includes much about the fairly closeted Obama/Brzezinski relationship; Endgame, Part One of Eric Larsen’s review of the book enhances the experience like cream to tea.

At no time in American history have the people faced a challenge of such overwhelming magnitude. Menace from within jeopardizing the very remains of our Constitutional Republic, and at no time have Americans been less up to the challenge. Our two greatest assets are intelligence, and sheer numbers, in that order. We stand doomed, and in great majority, in that order—or so it seems. Neutralizing our numerical advantage is the playground of all the exotic new weapons; the dumbing down of America has been the most successful of federal programs.


How successful? Americans have been stupefied into voting for politicians who play up ignorance as a virtue. Nearly 50 million Americans recently voted to have Sarah Palin an inevitable cancer cell replication away from being, “Jeez!” Commander In Chief. Yes, almost 50 million votes for “The Chick” who thinks Africa is a nation—and how many of those voters might imagine that in fact, Africa is a continent (continent…is that like a condiment)? One in five thinks the sun orbits the earth. Despite serious evidence that earth is far older than six thousand years, among “rich” countries, America has by far the highest, and the fastest growing percentage of Christian fundamentalists—a pathetic majority of which lack significant understanding of their chosen religion. Almost two-thirds of Americans want creationism taught in school beside evolution. A survey ten years ago by the University of Texas revealed that one in four biology teachers in the state’s public schools believed that humans and dinosaurs coexisted. The examples are as shocking and numerous as the anti-moron alerts that come with “dangerous” consumer goods such as kitchen ranges, warning consumers not to lay a baby on a hot burner….

Comic Relief Alert!…where would the Darwin Awards be without Americans?

It’s gotten so bad that a mushrooming generalized hostility toward knowledge has joined with popular belief that evidence does not matter, only opinion…and the result is widespread illusion that truth is what you want it to be. Ignorance and stupidity, if they even matter, are desirable.

That gets us to 9/11, and to profoundly dumbed-down America still choosing to ignore evidence in favor of Official Fairytales. This kind of irrationality is crucial to the elite’s New World Order plans for taking over the planet—plans that could be jeopardized without the citizenry’s essential ignorance and stupidity so meticulously nurtured by the elite.

For the people, on the other hand, three collective improvements seem crucial for Americans to have any hope of saving the Republic—of saving ourselves and any vital creative impulse:

1) Mass exposure of 9/11 truth through mass exposure of the actual evidence. Shine the exposed reality upon evil spawn of 9/11 such as the war on terror (permanent war), and mangling of the Constitution. Let the truth help burn from the American psyche the very concept: “Oh! They’d never do that!” In a pathocracy such as ours, there is virtually nothing they wouldn’t do…except for consistently telling the truth.

2) Establish a new education and awareness paradigm. To a large extent this could involve simply putting into reverse the massive federal stealth program of dumbing down Americans. Value learning. Keep faith and facts separate; enforce separation of church and state. Embrace science. Shun mainstream corporate media—especially television. Reward independent thinking.

3) Immediately restore the American Hemp Industry. Hemp has saved us before, and now promises a gateway toward a sustainable economic foundation actually in harmony with life. An economy that values people and the environment over elite power concentration and corporate profit. Sunshine, water, soil, hemp and creativity mean power to the People. ( King Hemp ).

Next, In Part II: Are We There Yet? And, The Twilight Zone.

Rand Clifford is a writer living in Spokane, Washington, with his wife Mary Ann, and their Chesapeake Bay retriever, Mink. Rand’s novels CASTLING, TIMING, VOICES OF VIRES, and PRIEST LAKE CATHEDRAL are published by StarChief Press:



  1. Dear Friends: Readers of this blogger:

    How are you all?

    I am an avid reader of this site, and also of many other alternative news sources such as: the websites and many other alternative news-sites in the internet.

    I even own a book about zionism "The Power of Israel in the United States" by James Petras, I am not a scholar, a scientist, nor philosopher however the internet and some books have given me the power to be relatively, moderately aware of what's going on within US government which is linked and related to 9-11, the US wars in the middle east, and Israeli's influence in USA thru AIPAC, and of course the capitalist exploitation of the upper classes against the majority thru the system of capitalism which is linked to zionism (Zionists are capitalists).

    Well having said all this, I am writting you all to let you know that this morning I receieved a hate e-mail from a pro-Israel Zionist, evangelical baptist Republican Party Mccain-Palin supporter who started to write all sorts of things against me and even against my deceased mother, by labeling me "Hate monger" and "Anti-Semite". He wrote all these outragous irrational labels against me because some months ago I was a regular member of the Barack Obama blogs. and i thought that by posting articles about the great influence of Israel within the US government, i was doing the right thing in favor of USA and US constitution. Because i *really think* that each country and nation-state in this world should have self-determination, unless that nation was not an independent nation, like Puerto Rico, or Virgin Islands.

    But last time i checked USA is an independent country and should not have any direct control from *outside* powers. So i thought that i was doing the right thing by exposing the direct control that Israel exercises against the US government via the Israeli lobbies.

    well i posted some anti-zionism articles by James Petras, Scott Ritter and other alternative writters and thinkers. and from alternative news sources in the Barack Obama bloggers. And that's what caused that evangelical baptist zionist to send me that hate email (He hates Obama with a passion by the way)

    And My dear friends, we are living in dangerous time, i am in Tennessee, USA which is a very zionist, ultra-right wing Brown Shirts Red State. In fact Obama got like 20% in this ultra-right wing red state.

    I don't like the political ideology of this state (TN), which is right-wing ultra-capitalism and zionism. but some times moving is not an option for most of us. I would love to be in Vermont, in Venezuela, in New England, or in some other more progressive society. But you see in this corporatist world the oppressed people (Like me) don't have any option of any thing. All we could is UNITE !! Because the people united will never be defeated !!

    So i am telling you this, and to other people of good concience like Michael Rivero, Alex Jones, etc., because zionists, specially the zionist voters of the Republican Party are real angry at Obama even if Obama has zionist members on his government like Raham Emmanuel, and the anti-zionism people of this country even if they don't support Obama.

    There is a lot of deep rooted irrational hatred in this country against any social reformist, and even against Obama who they think is a threat to Israel's interest, because i think that Israel controls USA indeed.

    I don't see a possible solution for USA, because Israel controls USA economically, and politically.

    I know that Obama is not a revolutionary nor perfect but he is at least *a democratically elected president*, and we must respect that.

    If the zionists-evangelical baptists warmongers of this country hate Obama and the people who vote for Obama and the US left so much they (The extreme zionist right wingers)have a legal right of creating a Political Party in order to compete in the elections in 2012.

    But not by advocating violence against a *legally* elected president.

    So having said all this about the Far-right in America which is allied with the zionist right, the only solution for sane, conscious and moral people i see is a creation of a big united party, where we would deffend each other, and would be a pole for the oppressed americans. But divided like Americans are there won't be any hope.

    The only solution isee is Unity among good conscious americans and non americans

    So I urge you all here to beware of zionist mossad agents infiltrated in All sectors of USA,

    And remember, that the workers and people united will never be defeated !!

    Thanks and have a nice day all


  2. M-S
    Dealing with trolls, haters and those who cant' debate issues, only attack the messenger, is part of speaking out. I try to just smile and go on. They are not worth the time to reply to.

    There are more people each day realizing what is going on and free speech is what this country is based upon.

    Keep pushing ahead brother.