Sunday, November 23, 2008

One Nation Under Foreign (Military) Rule

By Matthew D. Jarvie
November 20, 2008

We live surrounded by a world of symbolism -- symbolism that most people do not understand, let alone question the meaning of. No matter where we go, on billboards, buildings, and in corporate logos, this symbolism is everywhere. In the private, foreign-owned corporation that most people believe is a country called United States, people even wear this symbolism on their clothes, stick it on the backs of their cars and hang it from their homes. To them it is a show of pride. What I am referring to in particular is the United States flag. The United States flag is seen everywhere you go in the U.S. As America is being gutted from within, ill-informed but well-meaning people from coast to coast continue to proudly wave this Masonic/Kabbalistic symbol, believing it is the flag of "their" country.

Symbolism comes not only in the form of geometric figures, structures and patterns, but colors as well. What does the red, white and blue of the American (and British and French) flag symbolize? Where does the design originate from? Most people in all their lives never ask themselves these questions. Most people don't even realize that what they think is the "American" flag, is in fact a military -- not a civil -- flag of a foreign-owned corporation based in Washington D.C. and controlled from London. It is not an American flag, but a United States flag.

Most people would laugh if they heard someone say that there are two Americas; one being the united states (lower case) of America, and the corporation established in 1868 with the passage of the 14th Amendment, called the United States (capital letters) of America. 1868 marked the year in which the people of this country went from being free and independent people (compared to what they are now) to slaves of the international financiers, who have used the people to build up their system, which they are now systematically dismantling to usher in a scientific, socialistic dictatorship that will be global in its reach.

The United States flag is simply an updated version of the flag for the British East India Company, established in 1600. This was really the first transnational corporation, and the corporation the 13 colonies built their sites on.

First flag of the British East India Company, from 1600 to the late 1700s.

Second flag of the British East India company from approximately 1800-onwards. (Note the 13 red and white stripes.)

The first American civil flag (also known as the Common Law flag) dates back to 1767. This is when the 'Sons of Liberty' decided to make a statement, turning the British East India Company flag on its side in protest against the Stamp Act. The vertical stripes were supposed to represent individual sovereignty over the King of England, and soon became the flag of the American Revolutionaries.

Merchant appraisers with an original civil flag in 1919 (photo courtesy of

Modern civil flag

Ten years later, in 1777, the first official flag of the United States was introduced with 13 stars and a return to the 13 horizontal stripes of the British East India Company.

A passage in the introduction to Nathanial Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter (1850) reads:

From the loftiest point of its roof, during precisely three and a half hours of each forenoon, floats or droops, in breeze or calm, the banner of the republic; but with the thirteen stripes turned vertically, instead of horizontally, and thus indicating that a civil, and not a military, post of Uncle Sam's government is here established.

A postcard dated 1913 has a civil flag flying on the Customs House in San Francisco

Americans are lead to believe they live in a free and independent country, when nothing can be further from the truth. The United States has been under foreign military rule since the Civil War, according to Senate report 93-549 from 1973:

US continues to be in a permanent state of national emergency since March 9, 1933, and possibly as far back as the Civil War.

Another example of a US military flag (other than the original one) is the gold-fringed one you often see in government buildings, especially courts. Far from being a "justice" system, the court system is a British/Masonic enterprise controlled from the City of London, as is the entire governmental and financial system of this country, which are all interlinked. The gold fringe on the US flag in government buildings and courts denotes Maritime/Admiralty jurisdiction. This means international/corporate law; in other words the law of international Freemasonry and world finance controlled from the City of London.

The flag described above (pictured below) is not described in Title 4 of the USC, and therefore is illegal, except for use in naval offices and yards.

US Military flag (not the original one) denoting Maritime Admiralty Law -- law of the sea (i.e. international law.)

Americans celebrate the 4th of July thinking that it's the date when independence was declared from Britain. Little do they know this country is run today, as it was back then, from the City of London; that square mile independent state within Greater London, which is the heart of the world financial system and the root of the destruction we see occurring today, as economic chaos is created by design to usher in a one world currency, followed by a one world government and fascist dictatorship.


  1. Thanks for posting Kenny. For a long time I had suspected the United States was controlled by the City of London, this helps put a few more pieces to support that theory together. I didn't know about the vertical striped flag. Very interesting.

    -- RP8

  2. Matthew Jarvie did put together another good piece of the puzzle.

    The 'City of London' and the central Bank of England appear to be the controlling force for our Federal Reserve.
    One of its 'owners' as has been reported for so long.