Saturday, November 8, 2008

Paranoia Again

“You can’t find an AK-47 from a distributor anywhere in the nation”

It's just like when Clinton was elected and a couple of years afterward. Rumors of 2nd amendment repression spurred a run on guns. The rumors became reality as so called 'assault weapons' were banned along with high capacity magazines over 10 rounds. Lawmakers are stupid so how the laws were written never really accomplished much except raise prices and create innovative ways to skirt the regulations.

Gun sales are now dramatically up since Obama's election. People who put off stockpiling weapons, especially semi-automatic rifles, have decided it's time to get 'em while they can.

A gun grabber as president is the word and one had better not delay.

Many first time buyers have jumped into the market. After all, we know that in an economic downturn crime increases and the only protection we have is ourselves. A gun in hand gives some hope.

I suppose in a small way this is an economic stimulus. People have really been holding on to their money the last several months and now some of them are letting it loose. The threat of not being able to get weapons of choice will do that.

Weapons are a good investment. The ones who bought AK's, SKS's, AR-15's, high capacity handguns and the like during the Clinton years and afterward have found that the resale value now has shown an increased return on investment over that of standard bank accounts and Wall Street manipulated stocks. The hardware beat the paper. Many of us wish that we had purchased more guns in the past because now we're in a bull market for unregistered sales and guns are also excellent for barter.

The perception of future unconstitutional laws increases prices and availability.
Panic buying follows.

This should not happen.

Our 2nd amendment rights are non-negotiable.


The main stream media chimes in on the run on guns.

Up in Arms: Post-Election Fears Cause Surge in Gun Sales

At Cheaper Than Dirt, a discount gun and ammunition store in Fort Worth, Texas, more than $100,000 in guns and ammunition have been sold every day since Election Day. Buyers are stocking up before President-elect Barack Obama takes office.

"Everyone is here for the same reason: Buy it now or you're not going to have a chance in the future," said Charlie Street, a gun owner.

Gun Sales Up

Tracy Lowry has been in business for seventeen years. He owns Locum’s Sporting Goods in Opelika.

Lowry says, “In general sales are down, but specific items like handguns are up.”

Lowry says when the economy sinks, more people start to carry.

But since election night Lowry says even more firearms have been flying off his shelves, “Everybody is just trying to buy up what they can, because they are scared its not going to be available pretty soon.”

Ken Connell lives in Columbus and collects guns, “Any assault rifles or anything comparable to an assault rifle is almost nonexistent.”

He says he is on the hunt for a new assault rifle. He was hoping to buy it next month, but now, he says he can't afford to wait, “There may be an upcoming ban on assault rifles."

The Columbus shop we visited says they sold out of assault rifles just days after the election.

But Tracy Lowry isn't worried. The rules may change but he says his business can take it, “The Clinton administration banned some guns and certain high capacity magazines, and we all worked through that.”


(The Hutchinson News) Bob Schrag, owner of Shooters Supply and Tackle in South Hutchinson Kansas, says that in the 32 years he has been in the business, he has seen gun legislation change before. He has heard customers express concern. Schrag had his biggest day of sales about a month ago.


Bill's Gun Trader

"The new president has said that he intends to put a 500% increase on ammo. That's terrible." Right now, however, gun sales are at some of the highest levels we've seen in quite some time. In fact, Bill's Gun Trader had sales this past October over 65% higher than what it was from October of 2007.


The stories go on and on but you get the picture.

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