Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quotes for Today - Nov. 12, 2008 art: Shinji Asano

"We can’t just sit in our living rooms watching the corporate dominated media tell us what to believe. We must start talking with our neighbors and start questioning authority, the sooner the better. When this country spends over 50% of the total military spending of the entire world, one must ask the question why. Who are we afraid of exactly? It's time that this nation sat down and had a long conversation with itself."
Tim Gatto

"Many of my beliefs are contrary to those of my cherished friends and so I say that they are just this, my opinions which are given in the spirit of openness, rather than to in any way alienate those who would come here."

"With the election results a week old, the worst thing we can do now is sit back for too long admiring the new president, his family and ourselves for electing him, and "wait and see what he does." No new administration waits till being sworn in before deciding and enacting its priorities on war, peace, credit, housing, jobs or heath care. While many are still boasting, roasting, coasting and toasting the election results the business of governing has already begun. So too the business of holding the new administration accountable must begin without delay."
Bruce Dixon

"But the truth of the matter is that Afghanistan has been a dangerous, unstable, terrorist-infested place for the past 30 years, precisely because the Americans have wanted it that way. The idea that Americans could somehow stabilize Afghanistan is absurd.

But that's ok, because the Americans don't want to stabilize Afghanistan anyway; now they want to own it. And they won't be happy until they do. But that will never happen, which suits them fine, because they are not in this war to win, only to fight. Fighting is more profitable, for those who don't have to do the fighting. And you know who won't have to do any of the fighting."
Winter Patriot

"A few of us have an inkling of what may be going on behind the scenes at the bankers’ bailouts and the “summits” addressing the global banking crisis. Unfortunately we’re so out of the loop that we can only guess. We can see, however, that the shit is about to hit the fan (SHTF)."
The Hedonistic Pleasureseeker

I am still convinced that the people pulling Obama's strings are the Old American Establishment, and the Old American Establishment really wants to try to save American power (and don't forget that American economic woes caused by the Wars For The Jews have greatly reduced the wealth and power of the Jewish Billionaires - this kind of embarrassment would not have been necessary before they lost their power). To do so, there can be no more Wars For The Jews, and there needs to be a real final settlement of the Jewish Holocaust against the Palestinians, a settlement that the United States can take credit for. In order to make this happen, needless to say, Obama's senior cabinet has to be Judenfrei. That's because there are simply no Jewish American political operatives who are not Zionists. It remains to be seen whether Obama is an American Machiavelli or another American traitor.

"Drug companies used to sell products for the treatment of disease. But it didn't take long for Big Pharma to figure out that the number of diseased people is limited, and therefore so are drug profits. To bypass this problem, they began inventing diseases and marketing them to the public as a way to create new demand for high-profit pharmaceuticals. This is how "bi-polar" came into existence, for example. Same story for ADHD, social anxiety disorder and even high cholesterol (which isn't a disease in the first place)."
Mike Adams

"Many back from Iraq and Afghanistan might feel heroic, but many others feel like they were had. Had by the conglomerate media cartel, which masked the lies of their President and his gang and justified the wars by slanting the news and mongering fear.

Sorry, don't see the need for a Veterans Day."
Jay Janson

"Do you have to kill a turkey this Thanksgiving?"
Suzana Megles

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